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Title: Simulation and Performance Analysis of Software-Based Mobile Core Network Architecture (SBMCNA) using OMNeT++
Authors: Cosmas, JP
Salih, M
Jawad, N
Araniti, G
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: IEEE Xplore, 2018
Abstract: Abstract— Software defined Networking (SDN) represent the future framework for the mobile networks. This paper discusses the required modifications within the EPC in order to overcome some of the limitations of the current EPS, these modifications include introducing an SDN based solution Software Based Mobile Core Network Architecture (SBMCNA), we also show that Openflow protocol 1.3 has been extended to develop two methods to support GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) operations. The use of an intelligent Forwarding device (FD) were proposed to reduce the signalling load. SBMCNA were built on OMNeT++ by extending simuLTE [12] and Openflow 1.3 [13] modules. Load balancing and resiliency were used to demonstrate the capability of the proposed system to reduce the signalling load. The preliminary results of the system performance are presented.
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