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Title: Studies of Bs2∗<sup>(5840)0</sup> and B <inf>s 1</inf>(5830) <sup>0</sup> mesons including the observation of the Bs2∗<sup>(5840)0</sup>→<sup>B0</sup>KS0 decay in proton-proton collisions at √s=8TeV
Authors: Sirunyan, AM
Tumasyan, A
Adam, W
Ambrogi, F
Asilar, E
Bergauer, T
Brandstetter, J
Dragicevic, M
Erö, J
Del Valle, AE
Flechl, M
Frühwirth, R
Ghete, VM
Hrubec, J
Jeitler, M
Krammer, N
Krätschmer, I
Liko, D
Madlener, T
Mikulec, I
Rad, N
Rohringer, H
Schieck, J
Schöfbeck, R
Spanring, M
Spitzbart, D
Taurok, A
Waltenberger, W
Wittmann, J
Wulz, CE
Zarucki, M
Chekhovsky, V
Mossolov, V
Gonzalez, JS
De Wolf, EA
Di Croce, D
Janssen, X
Lauwers, J
Pieters, M
Van Haevermaet, H
Van Mechelen, P
Van Remortel, N
Zeid, SA
Blekman, F
D Hondt, J
De Bruyn, I
De Clercq, J
Deroover, K
Flouris, G
Lontkovskyi, D
Lowette, S
Marchesini, I
Moortgat, S
Moreels, L
Python, Q
Skovpen, K
Tavernier, S
Van Doninck, W
Van Mulders, P
Van Parijs, I
Beghin, D
Bilin, B
Brun, H
Clerbaux, B
De Lentdecker, G
Delannoy, H
Dorney, B
Fasanella, G
Favart, L
Goldouzian, R
Grebenyuk, A
Kalsi, AK
Lenzi, T
Luetic, J
Postiau, N
Starling, E
Thomas, L
Velde, CV
Vanlaer, P
Vannerom, D
Wang, Q
Cornelis, T
Dobur, D
Fagot, A
Gul, M
Khvastunov, I
Poyraz, D
Roskas, C
Trocino, D
Tytgat, M
Verbeke, W
Vermassen, B
Vit, M
Zaganidis, N
Bakhshiansohi, H
Bondu, O
Brochet, S
Bruno, G
Caputo, C
David, P
Keywords: CMS;Physics;b hadrons;Heavy flavour spectroscopy;Hadron spectroscopy;Experimental results
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: European Physical Journal C, 2018, 78 (11)
Abstract: Measurements of B∗ s2(5840)0 and Bs1(5830)0 mesons are performed using a data sample of protonproton collisions corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.6 fb−1, collected with the CMS detector at the LHC at a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV. The analysis studies P-wave B0 s meson decays into B(∗)+K− and B(∗)0K0 S, where the B+ and B0 mesons are identified using the decays B+ → J/ψK+ and B0 → J/ψK∗(892)0. The masses of the P-wave B0 s meson states are measured and the natural width of the B∗ s2(5840)0 state is determined. The first measurement of the mass difference between the charged and neutral B∗ mesons is also presented. The B∗ s2(5840)0 decay to B0K0 S is observed, together with a measurement of its branching fraction relative to the B∗ s2(5840)0 → B+K− decay
ISSN: 1434-6044
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