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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Study of steel structural systems subjected to fireZhou, Mian
2019Analysis of perforated beams in fire using a virtual hybrid simulation approachKhan, Mustesin Ali
2019Fundamental characterisation of surface and internally protected concrete pavement and highwaysAl-Kheetan, Mazen
2018Study to quantify the combined interaction of tyre and surface water on asphalt surface performanceSaeed, Fauzia
1-Feb-2018Evolution of particle breakage for calcareous sands during ring shear testsWei, H; Zhao, T; He, J; Meng, Q; Wang, X
14-Jul-2017Analysis of impact-induced rock fragmentation using a discrete element approachShen, WG; Zhao, T; Crosta, GB; Dai, F
2018Geodynamic and seismological investigation of the south hellenic arc structureChatzopoulos, Georgios
23-Apr-2017Investigation of rock fragmentation during rockfalls and rock avalanches via 3-D discrete element analysesZhao, T; Crosta, GB; Utili, S; De Blasio, FV
15-Dec-2017Numerical Modeling in Flood Risk Assessment: UK Case StudyMartin Moreta, PJ
2018Structural fire design considerations for high strength steelWinful, Dorothy Abigail Adjoa Anoa
2018Functionalisation of clay aerogel composites for applications in constructionAbo Madyan, Omar
2018Fundamental characterisation of thermal influence in hot mix asphalt repairByzyka, Juliana
2018On the dynamic fragmentation and lubrication of coseismic landslidesZhao, T; Crosta, GB
2018Dynamic Fragmentation of Jointed Rock Blocks During Rockslide-Avalanches: Insights From Discrete Element AnalysesZhao, T; Crosta, GB; Dattola, G; Utili, S
2017Modelling of novel rotating membrane bioreactor processesJones, Franck Anderson
2018Interface optimisation and bonding mechanism of rubber-wood-plastic compositesZhou, Yonghui
2016Development of nano-graphene cementitious composites (NGCC)Ilyas, Muhammad
2017Bonding mechanisms and strength of hooked-end steel fibre reinforced cementitious compositesAbdallah, Sadoon Mushrif
2017Alkali activated binders valorised from tungsten mining waste: materials design, preparation, properties and applicationsKastiukas, Gediminas
2017Evaluation of de-icing chemical and moisture mass transfer in freezing soilsSarsembayeva, Assel
2017Development of non-linear bond stress-slip models for reinforced concrete structures in fireKhalaf, Jamal
2017Submission for training purposesThesis, Example
2015Investigating risk management capability of construction firms in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countriesAlfandi, Ghadeer Rashed
2016Early-age mechanical properties and electrical resistivity of geopolymer compositesSafari, Samira
2016Quantification of carbon emissions and savings in smart gridsEng Tseng, Lau
2015The Potential of Bast Natural Fibres as Reinforcement for Polymeric Composite Materials in Building ApplicationsWęcławski, Bartosz Tomasz
2015Development of an electrochemical micromachining (μECM) machineSpieser, Alexandre Frederic Jean
2014Flow boiling of R245fa in vertical small metallic tubesPike-Wilson, Emily Alexandra
2013Development of the gas phase laser induced phosphorscence technique and soot measurements in flame using laser induced incandescenceLawrence, Martin
2014Development of robust connection models for steel and composite structures in fire.Lin, Shuyuan
2009Web and knowledge-based decision support system for measurement uncertainty evaluationWei, Peng
2014Finite-Element Analysis of Shear-off Failure of Keyed Dry Joints in Precast Concrete Segmental BridgesShamass, R; Zhou, X; Alfano, G
2014Experimental assessment of ferritic stainless steel composite slabsCashell, K
2012Effect of stent position on flow characteristics in a cerebral aneurysmAtherton, MA; Larrabide, I; Collins, M; Frangi, A; Pereira, VM; Saxter, T
2014Nonlinear behaviour of offshore flexible risersNorouzi, Shayan
2014Study of acute myeloid leukaemia with known chromosomal translocationsNaiel, Abdulbasit
2014Development of a machine-tooling-process integrated approach for abrasive flow machining (AFM) of difficult-to-machine materials with application to oil and gas exploration componenetsHoward, Mitchell James
2011Computational and experimental study of air hybrid engine conceptsLee, Cho-Yu
2014Thermal performance of dwellings in Cyprus and approaches for energy conservationPanayiotou, Gregoris
2014Diesel engine heat release analysis by using newly defined dimensionless parametersAbbaszadehmosayebi, Gholamreza
2013A macro-element based practical model for seismic analysis of steel-concrete composite high-rise buildingsZhou, X; Li, G
2013Rheology of semi-solid fresh cement pastes and mortars in orifice extrusionZhou, X; Li, Z; Fan, M; Chen, H
2012Light-weight wood-magnesium oxychloride cement composite building products made by extrusionZhou, X; Li, Z
2008An embedded FE model for modelling reinforced concrete slabs in fireYu, X; Huang, Z
2009Three-dimensional analysis of reinforced concrete beam-column structures in fireHuang, Z; Burgess, IW; Plank, RJ
2010Modelling the bond between concrete and reinforcing steel in a fireHuang, Z
2012Progressive collapse analysis of steel structures under fire conditionsSun, R; Huang, Z; Burgess, IW
2010Characterization and performance of elementary hemp fibres: Factors influencing tensile strengthFan, M
2013Understanding construction delay analysis and the role of pre-construction programmingBraimah, N
2008Delay analysis within construction contracting organizationsBraimah, N; Gameson, R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 70