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Title: Interim Design Report
Authors: Abrams, RJ
Agarwalla, SK
Alekou, A
Andreopoulos, C
Ankenbrandt, CM
Antusch, S
Apollonio, M
Aslaninejad, M
Back, J
Ballett, P
Barker, G
Palladino, V
Parke, S
Pascoli, S
Pasternak, J
Peltoniemi, J
Petti, R
Planche, T
Popovic, M
Pozimski, J
Prior, G
Beard, KB
Prior, C
Rees, G
Rigolin, S
Roberts, TJ
Roblin, Y
Rogers, C
Samulyak, R
Schwetz, T
Simos, N
Sinha, N
Benedetto, E
Skoro, G
Snopok, P
Soler, FJP
Souchlas, N
Strait, J
Stratakis, D
Striganov, S
Tang, J
Thomason, JWG
Tortora, L
Bennett, JRJ
Tsenov, R
Winter, W
Witte, H
Yasuda, O
Yoshikawa, CY
Zisman, M
Berg, JS
Bhattacharya, S
Blackmore, V
Blennow, M
Blondel, A
Bogacz, A
Bonesini, M
Bontoiu, C
Booth, C
Bromberg, C
Brooks, S
Bross, A
Caretta, O
Cervera-Villanueva, A
Choubey, S
Cline, D
Cobb, J
Coloma, P
Coney, L
Cummings, MAC
Davenne, T
Gouvea, AD
Densham, C
Ding, X
Donini, A
Dornan, P
Dracos, M
Dufour, F
Eccleston, R
Edgecock, R
Efthymiopoulos, I
Ellis, M
Fernandez-Martinez, E
Fernow, R
Flanagan, G
Gallardo, JC
Gandhi, R
Garoby, R
Gavela, B
Geer, S
Gilardoni, S
Gomez-Cadenas, JJ
Goswami, S
Graves, VB
Gupta, R
Hanson, G
Harrison, P
Hart, T
Hernandez, P
Huber, P
Indumathi, D
Johnson, RP
Johnstone, C
Karadzhov, Y
Kelliher, D
Kirk, H
Kopp, J
Kudenko, Y
Kuno, Y
Kurup, A
Kyberd, P
Laing, A
Li, T
Lindner, M
Long, K
Pavon, JL
Loveridge, P
Machida, S
Majumdar, D
Maltoni, M
Martin-Albo, J
Martini, M
Matev, R
McDonald, KT
McFarland, A
Meloni, D
Mezzetto, M
Migliozzi, P
Mishra, SR
Mokhov, N
Mondal, N
Morfin, J
Mori, Y
Morozov, V
Neuffer, D
Ota, T
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2011
Publisher: arXiv
Abstract: The International Design Study for the Neutrino Factory (the IDS-NF) was established by the community at the ninth "International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, super-beams, and beta- beams" which was held in Okayama in August 2007. The IDS-NF mandate is to deliver the Reference Design Report (RDR) for the facility on the timescale of 2012/13. In addition, the mandate for the study [3] requires an Interim Design Report to be delivered midway through the project as a step on the way to the RDR. This document, the IDR, has two functions: it marks the point in the IDS-NF at which the emphasis turns to the engineering studies required to deliver the RDR and it documents baseline concepts for the accelerator complex, the neutrino detectors, and the instrumentation systems. The IDS-NF is, in essence, a site-independent study. Example sites, CERN, FNAL, and RAL, have been identified to allow site-specific issues to be addressed in the cost analysis that will be presented in the RDR. The choice of example sites should not be interpreted as implying a preferred choice of site for the facility.
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