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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Combination of mesoscale and synoptic mechanisms for triggering an isolated thunderstorm: Observational case study of CSIP IOP 1Morcrette, C; Lean, H; Browning, KA; Nicol, J; Roberts, N; Clark, PA; Russell, A; Blyth, AM
2008Convective inhibition beneath an upper-level PV anomalyRussell, A; Vaughan, G; Norton, EG; Morcrette, CJ; Browning, KA; Blyth, AM
2009Convection forced by a descending dry layer and low-level moist convergenceRussell, A; Vaughan, G; Norton, EG; Ricketts, HMA; Morcrette, CJ; Hewison, TJ; Browning, KA; Blyth, AM
2007The convective storm initiation projectBrowning, KA; Morcrette, CJ; Nicol, J; Blyth, AM; Bennett, L; Brooks, BJ; Marsham, J; Mobbs, SD; Parker, DJ; Perry, F; Clark, PA; Ballard, SP; Dixon, MA; Forbes, RM; Lean, HW; Li, Z; Roberts, NM; Corsmeier, U; Barthlott, C; Deny, B; Kalthoff, N; Khodayar, S; Kohler, M; Kottmeier, C; Kraut, S; Kunz, M; Lenfant, J; Wieser, A; Agnew, JL; Bamber, D; McGregor, J; Beswick, KM; Gray, MD; Norton, E; Ricketts, HMA; Russell, A; Vaughan, G; Webb, AR; Bitter, M; Feuerle, T; Hankers, R; Schulz, H; Bozier, KE; Collier, CG; Davies, F; Gaffard, C; Hewison, TJ; Ladd, DN; Slack, EC; Waight, J; Ramatschi, M; Wareing, DP; Watson, RJ