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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Engagement in research: An innovative three stage review of the benefits for health-care performanceHanney, S; Boaz, A; Jones, T; Soper, B
2013An assessment of validity and responsiveness of generic measures of health-related quality of life in hearing impairmentYang, Y; Longworth, L; Brazier, J
2013Twin screw extrusion pre-treatment of wheat straw for biofuel and lignin biorefinery applicationsNg, Thian Hong
2013An investigation of the synthesis and properties of nano crystalline Y2O3:Eu3+ (prepared using micelle- based precursors)Saltoun, Kelly Yecheskel
2013Editorial: Organising health research systems as a key to improving health: the World Health Report 2013 and how to make further progressHanney, SR; González-Block, MA
2013Effect of folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on preeclampsia: The folic acid clinical trial studyWen, SW; Champagne, J; Rennicks White, R; Coyle, D; Fraser, W; Smith, G; Fergusson, D; Walker, MC
2013Computed tomographic coronary angiography for patients with heart failure (CTA-HF): A randomized controlled trial (IMAGE HF Project 1-C)Chow, BJW; Green, RE; Coyle, D; Laine, M; Hanninen, H; Leskinen, H; Rajda, M; Larose, E; Hartikainen, J; Hedman, M; Mielniczuk, L; O'Meara, E; deKemp, RA; Klein, R; Paterson, I; White, JA; Yla-Herttuala, S; Leber, A; Tandon, V; Lee, T; Al-Hesayen, A; Hessian, R; Dowsley, T; Kass, M; Kelly, C; Garrard, L; Tardif, J-C; Knuuti, J; Beanlands, RS; Wells, GA
2013Routine versus selective cardiac magnetic resonance in non-ischemic heart failure - OUTSMART-HF: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (IMAGE-HF (heart failure) project 1-B)Paterson, I; Wells, GA; Ezekowitz, JA; White, JA; Friedrich, MG; Mielniczuk, LM; O'Meara, E; Chow, B; deKemp, RA; Klein, R; Dennie, C; Dick, A; Coyle, D; Dwivedi, G; Rajda, M; Wright, GA; Laine, M; Hanninen, H; Larose, E; Connelly, KA; Leong-Poi, H; Howarth, AG; Davies, RA; Duchesne, L; Yla-Herttuala, S; Saraste, A; Farand, P; Garrard, L; Tardif, J-C; Arnold, M; Knuuti, J; Beanlands, R; Chan, KL
2013Positron emission tomography/computerised tomography imaging in detecting and managing recurrent cervical cancer: systematic review of evidence, elicitation of subjective probabilities and economic modelling.Meads, C; Auguste, P; Davenport, C; Małysiak, S; Sundar, S; Kowalska, M; Zapalska, A; Guest, P; Thangaratinam, S; Martin-Hirsch, P; Borowiack, E; Barton, P; Roberts, T; Khan, K
2013Chronic disease prevention and control: Alternative perspectiveFox-Rushby, J