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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981The mechanical and other properties of ionomer cementsRead, Michael John
2012Microstructural evolution in materials during thermal processingLai, JKL; Ralph, B; Chen, Z; Lo, KH
1995Development of a reinforcing fibre light-guide for use as a damage sensor within composite structuresHayes, Simon Antony
2012Phosphors for lighting applicationsYan, Xiao
2009Structure and tribological performance of diamond-like carbon based coatings for aerospace component processingPodgoric, S; Jones, BJ; Bulpett, R; Franks, J; Troisi, G
1997Condition assessment of polyethylene pipeline systemsJaafar, Haydar
1982The mechanical behaviour of polyethylene pipe systemsBarker, Michael
1997Shear controlled orientation effects with injection mouldings produced by the SCORIM processRawson, Keith
2011Influence of ultrasonic melt treatment on the formation of primary intermetallics and related grain refinement in aluminum alloysZhang, L; Eskin, DG; Katgerman, L
1995A tribological study of a detonation gun coating of tungsten carbide for use in a subsea gate valveBinfield, Mark
1989A study of intumescent coatingsDeogon, Malkit Singh
1996Microstructural characterization of a plasma sprayed ZrO2-Y2O3-TiO2 thermal barrier coatingDiaz Angülo, Pedro Antonio
1997Preparation and properties of polypropylene composites reinforced with wheat and flax straw fibres - Part 2: Analysis of composite microstructure and mechanical propertiesHornsby, PR; Hinrichsen, E; Tarverdi, K
1997Preparation and properties of polypropylene composites reinforced with wheat and flax straw fibres - Part 1: Fibre characterizationHornsby, PR; Hinrichsen, E; Tarverdi, K
1986Relationships between micromorphology and impact properties of injection moulded isotactic polypropyleneMurphy, Mark William
1988The compounding of short fibre reinforced thermoplastic compositesShipton, Paul David
2009Electronic properties of SnO2-based ceramics with double function of varistor and humidity sensorGlot, AB; Sandoval-García, AP; Gaponov, AV; Bulpett, R; Jones, BJ; Jimenez-Santana, G
2010Nano-scale composition of commercial white powders for development of latent fingerprints on adhesivesJones, BJ; Reynolds, AJ; Richardson, M; Sears, VG
2010Effect of substrate surface topography on forensic development of latent fingerprints with iron oxide powder suspensionJones, BJ; Downham, R; Sears, VG
2011Argon plasma treatment techniques on steel and effects on diamond-like carbon structure and delaminationJones, BJ; Anguilano, L; Ojeda, JJ
1988Flow and mixing studies in a co-rotating intermeshing twin screw extruderSingh, Devendra Pal
1998In-situ cure monitoring of epoxy resin systemsPowell, Graham
1987Oxidation of Aluminium-Magnesium alloys at elevated temperature in the solid, semi-liquid and liquid statesSilva, MP
1989Structure-property relationships in extruded plastics foamsShishesaz, Mohammad Reza
1988The influence of welding parameters and parent plate metallurgical characteristics on solidification of austenitic stainless steel weld metalsHosseinioun, MM
1996Analysis of surface mount technology solder jointsHui, Ip Kee
1997Control and qualification of titanium weldsWinco, Yung Kam-Chuen
1996Relationship between the micromorphology and mechanical properties of semicrystalline polypropyleneZhong, Zhaoping
1994Synthesis and characterization of ceramics in the Ti-B-N-C systemYoon, Su-Jong
1984The generation and application of metallurgical thermodynamic dataDinsdale, AT
1989Characterization of dispersive and distributive mixing in a co-rotating twin-screw compounding extruderEss, John William
1997The fluid dynamics of pressure die casting processesLui, Ying Bik
1993Sliding wear of nitrided steelsKato, Hirotaka
1995Effects of hydrogen in an aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy during the production of extrusion ingotsAl-Rais, Masood
1987Tribological characteristics of coatings on aluminium and its alloysAbdul-Mahdi, Fadhil S
1992Real time defect detection in welds by ultrasonic meansLu, Yicheng
1999Hydrogen distribution and redistribution in the weld zone of constructional steelsSmith, Richard Dominic
2010Diamond-like carbon coating of alternative metal alloys for medical and surgical applicationsJones, BJ; Mahendran, A; Anson, AW; Reynolds, AJ; Bulpett, R; Franks, J
1991The characterisation of white-etching layers formed on engineering steelsBulpett, Robert
2009Quantitative impurities effects on temperatures of tin and aluminium fixed-point cellsPetchpong, Patchariya
2009Commentary on “Evaluation of shooting distance by AFM and FTIR⁄ATR analysis of GSR” Mou Y., Lakadwar J., Rabalais J.W., J. Forensic Sci. 2008; 53:1381-6Jones, BJ
2009Diamond-like carbon / epoxy low-friction coatings to replace electroplated chromiumPodgoric, S; Jones, BJ; Bulpett, R; Troisi, G; Franks, J
2009Current limiting and negative differential resistance in indium oxide based ceramicsGlot, AB; Mazurik, SV; Jones, BJ; Bondarchuk, AN; Bulpett, R; Verma, N
2009Crystal nucleation in the hard-sphere system revisited: A critical test of theoretical approachesTóth, GI; Granasy, L
2008Nucleation and phase selection in undercooled melts: Magnetic alloys of industrial relevance (MAGNEPHAS)Löser, W; Hermann, R; Woodcock, TG; Fransaer, J; Krivilyov, M; Granasy, L; Pusztai, T; Tóth, GI; Herlach, DM; Holland-Moritz, D; Kolbe, M; Volkmann, T
2009Advanced operator-splitting-based semi-implicit spectral method to solve the binary phase-field crystal equations with variable coefficientsTegze, G; Bansel, G; Toth, GI; Pusztai, T; Fan, Z; Granasy, L
2009Phase field approach to heterogeneous crystal nucleation in alloysWarren, JA; Pusztai, T; Környei, L; Granasy, L
2007Flow features and industrial applications of TSE rheoextrusion processTang, H; Wrobel, L C; Fan, Z
2009Melt conditioning by advanced shear technology (MCAST) for refining solidification microstructuresFan, Z; Xia, M; Zhang, H; Liu, G; Patel, JB; Bian, Z; Bayandorian, I; Wang, Y; Li, HT; Scamans, GM
2009Shear enhanced heterogeneous nucleation in some Mg- and Al- alloysFan, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, ZF; Xia, M; Li, HT; Xu, J; Granasy, L; Scamans, GM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 163