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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2021Biomass Combustion Fly Ash-Derived Nanoporous Zeolites for Post-Combustion Carbon CapturePetrovic, B; Gorbounov, M; Lahiri, A; Masoudi Soltani, S
2-Oct-2021Sorption-enhanced Steam Methane Reforming for Combined CO2 Capture and Hydrogen Production: A State-of-the-Art ReviewMasoudi Soltani, S; Lahiri, A; Bahzad, H; Clough, P; Gorbounov, M; Yan, Y
7-Mar-2022Accelerated Electro-Reduction of TiO<inf>2</inf> to Metallic Ti in a CaCl<inf>2</inf> Bath Using an Inert Intermetallic AnodeLahiri, A; Jha, A
2-Oct-2020Enhanced cycling performance of rechargeable zinc–air flow batteries using potassium persulfate as electrolyte additiveKhezri, R; Hosseini, S; Lahiri, A; Motlagh, SR; Nguyen, MT; Yonezawa, T; Kheawhom, S
30-Jun-2020Surface-Oxygen Induced Electrochemical Self-Assembly of Mesoporous Conducting Polymers for ElectrocatalysisLahiri, A; Chutia, A; Carstens, T; Endres, F
8-Mar-2021Biodegradable Zn-ion battery with a lignin composite electrode and bio-ionic liquid based electrolyte: Possible: In situ energy generation by lignin electrocatalysisLahiri, A; Yang, L; Höfft, O; Endres, F
26-Oct-2018Electrochemically induced phase separation and in situ formation of mesoporous structures in ionic liquid mixturesLahiri, A; Behrens, N; Pulletikurthi, G; Yochelis, A; Kroke, E; Cui, T; Endres, F
26-Aug-2021Application of Nanoporous Carbon, Extracted from Biomass Combustion Ash, in CO2 AdsorptionGorbounov, M; Petrovic, B; Lahiri, A; Masoudi Soltani, S
20-Feb-2019A review on the electroless deposition of functional materials in ionic liquids for batteries and catalysisLahiri, A; Pulletikurthi, G; Endres, F
29-Sep-2021Suggested research trends in the area of micro‐edm—study of some parameters affecting micro‐edmIvanov, A; Lahiri, A; Baldzhiev, V; Trych‐wildner, A