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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The politics of cultural tourism in Nigeria: People, culture and power in the Calabar FestivalObijuru, Clementina Chibuzo
2021Institutional Racism and Militarised Policing: Examining the Wars on ‘Gang’ Crime and ‘Terrorism’Nijjar, Jasbinder S.
2021The practice of youth empowerment in Qatar: design, implementation and outcomes for state capacity buildingMurtada Al-Hashemi, Mohammed Hashem
2021The Imagined Museum: Framing Social, Educational and Spatial Roles of Kuwait’s National MuseumAlrashid, Sundus Saleh
20-May-2021On the importance of the dynamics of humour and comedy for constructionism and reflexivity in social science research methodologyLockyer, S; Weaver, S
2021“That’s the sick trans person”: Negotiations, healthcare, and the tension of demedicalizationCallahan, Evelyn
2020Women, comedy and liberation: an analysis of representations of second-wave feminism in the American sitcom genre, 1970-2000Kypker, Nicole S.
4-Dec-2020Educating 'surplus population': uses and abuses of aspiration in the rural peripheries of a globalising worldAnsell, N; Froerer, P; Huijsmans, R; Dungey, C; Dost, A; Piti
19-Nov-2020Introduction: Development, Young People, and the Social Production of AspirationsHuijsmans, R; Ansell, N; Froerer, P
18-Sep-2020‘I go to school to survive’: Facing physical, moral and economic uncertainties in rural LesothoDungey, CE; Ansell, N
2020Biographical and spiritual disruption in chronic illness: Narrative, identity and faith work in kidney dialysis patientsWatts, Revd John Michael Watts
2-Mar-2020Fear of a Yellow Planet: The Gilets Jaunes and the End of the WorldWilkin, P
21-Jul-2019Digital activism and the political culture of trade unionismDencik, L; Wilkin, P
2018Online challenges to institutional expert authority: the cases of English Heritage and The Royal SocietyMikhailov, Danil
2019The role of humour in the evolution of hominid cognition and the emergence of languageNewmarch Molineux, Christopher Nicholas David
19-Feb-2019Introduction: Special Issue dedicated to Christie DaviesLaineste, L; Lockyer, S
13-Feb-2019Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny: The Mainstreaming of Rape Jokes in Contemporary Newspaper DiscourseLockyer, S; Savigny, H
2017Re-Building a nation-state: Iraq’s reconstruction after SaddamAl-Abadi, Ghalib
2018Rip it up and start again: The Problem of Populism in the Twenty-First CenturyWilkin, P
2018Social integration of migrants in a multicultural society: the case of Libyan community in the UKAlnaami, Naima
2017The ritual performance of dark tourismDermody, Erin
2017Cultural diversity communication strategies in UK and US advertising agencies: a Bourdieusian analysisAdams, Nessa Cecelia
13-Oct-2017Gadflies biting science communication: engagement, tricksters and ambivalence onlineMendel, J; Riesch, H
2017‘My happiest time’ or ‘my saddest time’? The spatial and generational construction of marriage among youth in rural Malawi and LesothoAnsell, N; Hajdu, F; van Blerk, L; Robson, E
2017The ambiguity of electronic cigarettes: reflections on boundary objects and biomedicalizationTamimi, Nancy
2016Nation building and genocide as civilising and de-civilising processes: a critical analysis of the origins of the Kurdish genocide from Arabisation to the final solutionSadiq, Ibrahim
4-Sep-2017Are audiences receptive to humour in popular science articles? An exploratory study using articles on environmental issuesPinto, B; Riesch, H
2017Fears for the future: The incommensurability of securitisation and in/securities among southern African youthAnsell, N; Hajdu, F; van Blerk, L; Robson, E
2016Body politics: a critical analysis of the sexualisation of popular culture and the rise of lads’ magsTippett, Anna
2018Digital activism and the future of worker resistanceWilkin, P; dencik, L
2018Neo-liberal Health Reforms and the Failure of Healthcare in Sierra Leone: The Case of the Ebola CrisisWilkin, P; Conteh, A
2015Homeless football: An exploration of theory and practiceHorsfield, Lindsey Claire
2015'Liberties and licences': gender, stream of consciousness and the philosophy of Henri Bergson and William James in selected female modernist fiction 1914-1929Saeed, Alan Ali
2015Human nature and universal moral grammarWilkin, P
28-Apr-2015Ergonomics as authoritarian or libertarian: Learning from Colin Ward's politics of designBoudeau, C; Wilkin, P; Dekker, SWA
2016Resurgent Racism and the Radical Right: Hungary and the New European Norm?Wilkin, P
2016The Temptation of Evelyn Waugh: Portrait of the Artist as Tory AnarchistWilkin, P
2014A critical evaluation of the effects of neo-liberal (market-driven) reforms in achieving the goal of human security in Sierra LeoneConteh, Abdulai Abubakarr
28-May-2016AIDS-affected young people’s access to livelihood assets: Exploring ‘new variant famine’ in rural southern AfricaAnsell, N; Hajdu, F; van Blerk, L; Robson, E
2016Comedy Matters: On the Impact of ComedyLockyer, S
2015Public participation and public services in British liberal democracy: Colin Ward's anarchist critiqueWilkin, P; Boudeau, C
1-Oct-2015‘It’s Really Scared of Disability’: Disabled Comedians’ Perspectives of the British Television Comedy IndustryLockyer, S
20-Jun-2015Performance, Expectation, Interaction and Intimacy: On the Opportunities and Limitations of Arena Stand-up Comedy for Comedians and AudiencesLockyer, S
1-Jan-2016'I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters': Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy EngagementLockyer, S; Popa, D
27-Nov-2015From Comedy Targets to Comedy-Makers: Disability and Comedy in Live PerformanceLockyer, S
2015Digital activism and Hungarian media reform: The case of MillaWilkin, P; Dencik, L; Bognár, E
1-Jun-2015An Extra Slice of Jo BrandLockyer, S
2015Hungary’s ‘Milla’ movement shows that social media driven protest movements only succeed when they connect meaningfully with civil societyWilkin, P
2011Power, emotions and embodied knowledges: doing PAR with poor young people in El SalvadorVan Wijnendaele, Barbara
2014Challenging empowerment: AIDS-affected southern African children and the need for a multi-level relational approachAnsell, N
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 172