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dc.contributor.authorGlot, AB-
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dc.contributor.authorGaponov, AV-
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dc.identifier.citationAdvances in Technology of Materials and Materials Processing 10: 21-32, Apr 2009en_US
dc.descriptionThis is the post-print version of the article. The official published version can be obtained from the link below - Copyright @ 2010 AD-Tech.en_US
dc.description.abstractTin dioxide based varistor ceramics SnO2-Co3O4-Nb2O5-Cr2O3-xCuO (x=0; 0.05; 0.1 and 0.5) were made and their electrical properties were studied. The highest nonlinearity coefficient and electric field (at current density 10-3 A cm-2) were obtained for 0.1 mol.% CuO addition. It was observed that low-field electrical conductivity is increased with relative humidity, therefore, materials obtained exhibit double function of varistor and humidity sensor. The highest humidity sensitivity coefficient is found for SnO2-Co3O4-Nb2O5-Cr2O3 ceramics (without CuO). Observed varistor and humidity-sensitive properties are explained in the frames of grain-boundary double Schottky barrier concept as a decrease of the barrier height with electric field or relative humidity. Using suggested simple theory and data obtained on isothermal capacitance relaxation, the energy of the grain-boundary monoenergetic trapping states were estimated. These values are less than found for activation energy of electrical conduction (as a measure of the barrier height). These observations confirm the barrier concept.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work is funded by the Royal Society, United Kingdom (2007R1/R26999).en_US
dc.subjectElectrical conductionen_US
dc.subjectGrain boundaryen_US
dc.subjectHumidity sensoren_US
dc.subjectTin dioxideen_US
dc.titleElectronic properties of SnO2-based ceramics with double function of varistor and humidity sensoren_US
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