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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Where You Look Matters for Body Perception: Preferred Gaze Location Causally Contributes to the Body Inversion EffectMcKean, D; Arizpe, J; Chan, A
2018Public Enforcement and the Civil Liability Regime in the European Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs): the Quest for InterplayDe Pascalis, F
5-Dec-2018Replication of Wiener-Transformable Stochastic Processes with Application to Financial Markets with MemoryBoguslavskaya, E; Mishura, Y; Shevchenko, G
2014The role of appropriate footwear in the management of diabetic foot: Perspective of clinicians in a low resource settingTagang, IJ; Pei, E; Robert, CC; Higgett, N; Ismail, DL; Abdulrasheed, I
4-Feb-2014Loss of FTO Antagonises Wnt Signaling and Leads to Developmental Defects Associated with CiliopathiesOsborn, DPS; Roccasecca, RM; McMurray, F; Hernandez-Hernandez, V; Mukherjee, S; Barroso, I; Stemple, D; Cox, R; Beales, PL; Christou-Savina, S
2019Applying Time-Frequency Image of Convolutional Neural Network to Extract Feature on Long-Term EEG Signals to Predict Depth of AnesthesiaHuang, Y; Chen, J; Abbod, M; Fan, S-Z; Shieh, J-S; Kung, Y-C
2014Improving predictive models of glaucoma severity by incorporating quality indicatorsSacchi, L; Tucker, A; Counsell, S; Garway-Heath, D; Swift, S
11-Dec-2017Researching the financial abuse of individuals lacking mental capacityDalley, G; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Harries, P; Levi, M
8-Mar-2016“The role of redundant information in cultural transmission and cultural stabilization”: Correction to Acerbi and Tennie (2016).Acerbi, A; Tennie, C