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Title: Fuzzy-model-based robust fault detection with stochastic mixed time-delays and successive packet dropouts
Authors: Dong, H
Wang, Z
Lam, J
Gao, H
Keywords: Discrete-time fuzzy systems;Fault detection;Networked control systems (NCSs);Packet dropouts;Randomly occurring mixed time delays
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part B, 42(2): 365 - 376, Apr 2012
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the network-based robust fault detection problem for a class of uncertain discrete-time Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems with stochastic mixed time delays and successive packet dropouts. The mixed time delays comprise both the multiple discrete time delays and the infinite distributed delays. A sequence of stochastic variables is introduced to govern the random occurrences of the discrete time delays, distributed time delays, and successive packet dropouts, where all the stochastic variables are mutually independent but obey the Bernoulli distribution. The main purpose of this paper is to design a fuzzy fault detection filter such that the overall fault detection dynamics is exponentially stable in the mean square and, at the same time, the error between the residual signal and the fault signal is made as small as possible. Sufficient conditions are first established via intensive stochastic analysis for the existence of the desired fuzzy fault detection filters, and then, the corresponding solvability conditions for the desired filter gains are established. In addition, the optimal performance index for the addressed robust fuzzy fault detection problem is obtained by solving an auxiliary convex optimization problem. An illustrative example is provided to show the usefulness and effectiveness of the proposed design method.
Description: This is the Post-Print version of the Article. The official published version can be accessed from the link below - Copyright @ 2012 IEEE
ISSN: 1083-4419
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