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Title: Modeling of micro flows using perturbation method
Authors: Khalili, MS
Saghafian, M
Shirani, E
Saberian, A
3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
Keywords: Micro flow;Perturbation method;Slip flow;Micro poiseuille;Micro couette
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, 22-24 August 2011
Abstract: A new method for modeling micro flows is presented in this research. The basis of this method is the development of governing continuum equations on fluid dynamics using perturbation expansion of the velocity, pressure, density and temperature fields in dependence of Knudsen number. In the present work, we use three-term perturbation expansions and reach three order of equations O(1), O(Kn), O(Kn2). Required boundary conditions (BC) for solving each order of these equations are obtained by substitution of the perturbation expansions into the general boundary conditions for the velocity slip and temperature jump. This set of equations is discretized in two-dimensional state on a staggered grid using the finite volume method. A three-part computer program has been produced for solving the set of discretized equations. Each part of this code, solve one order of the equations with the SIMPLE algorithm. Incompressible slip micro Poiseuille and micro Couette flows are solved either analytically or numerically using the perturbation method (PM). Good agreement is found between analytical and numerical results in the low Knudsen numbers, whereas numerical results deviate from analytical results by increasing the Knudsen number. The results of perturbation method are also compared with the results obtained from different slip models.
Description: This paper was presented at the 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011), which was held at the Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki in Greece. The conference was organised by Brunel University and supported by the Italian Union of Thermofluiddynamics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Thessaly, IPEM, the Process Intensification Network, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Heat Transfer Society, HEXAG - the Heat Exchange Action Group, and the Energy Institute.
ISBN: 978-1-902316-98-7
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