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Title: How good are the fits to the experimental velocity profiles in vivo?
Authors: Koutsiaris, AG
Tachmitzi, SV
Giannoukas, AD
3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
Keywords: Microcirculation;Fits;Velocity profiles;In vivo
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, 22-24 August 2011
Abstract: A new velocity profile equation for the description of microcirculatory blood flow in vivo was proposed in 2009. However various recently published papers still use the assumption of parabolic velocity profile (Poiseuille flow). The purpose of this work was to evaluate the performance of 3 different fitting cases: 1) best parabolic fit, 2) axial fit with the proposed equation and 3) best fit with the proposed equation. Twelve experimental velocity profiles measured by particle image velocimetry in mouse venules were used to compare the fitting efficiency of the 3 cases on the basis of the velocity relative error (RE) expressed as average ± SE (standard error) at ten different radial segments (REj with 1 ≤ j ≤ 10). The parabolic best fit (case 1) leads to serious deviations from the real velocity distribution (RE10 = - 65% ± 2%). The proposed equation axial fit (case 2) slightly overestimates blood velocity distribution near the vessel wall but the <REj> was below + 12% and it requires only one experimental value near the vessel axis, measurable using the Doppler Effect. The proposed equation best fit (case 3) approximates the experimental data without any serious bias but requires a complete velocity profile data set.
Description: This paper was presented at the 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011), which was held at the Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki in Greece. The conference was organised by Brunel University and supported by the Italian Union of Thermofluiddynamics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Thessaly, IPEM, the Process Intensification Network, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Heat Transfer Society, HEXAG - the Heat Exchange Action Group, and the Energy Institute.
ISBN: 978-1-902316-98-7
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