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Title: Burnt to memory: Data extraction from heat damaged mobile phones
Authors: Jones, BJ
Keywords: Forensic;Electronics;Mobile Phone;SIM card;SIM;SPM;Fire;Arson;SOCO;Detonator
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: PSCA International Ltd
Citation: B. J. Jones "Burnt to memory: data extraction from heat damaged mobile phones" Public Service Review: Home Office 15 (2007) 68
Abstract: Data is retained in SIM card devices that are subjected to temperatures which exceed those likely to be experienced in house fires. In some cases the data is retrievable by rebuilding severed connections; however, in the majority of instances, chips will suffer additional damage to the top surface or circuitry, or experience some mechanical damage. In these cases, although the data is retained in the memory, it cannot be read by conventional methods, and an alternative technique, such as direct probing of the stored charge, needs to be employed to access the retained data.
ISSN: 1469-6819
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