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Title: Composition dependence of electronic structure and optical properties of Hf1-xSixOy gate dielectrics
Authors: He, G
Zhang, LD
Meng, GW
Li, GH
Fei, GT
Wang, XJ
Zhang, JP
Liu, M
Fang, Q
Boyd, IW
Keywords: Gate dielectrics;Silicon;Dielectric functions;Electronic structure
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics, 104, article 104116, 2008
Abstract: Composition-dependent electronic structure and optical properties of Hf1−xSixOy 0.1 x 0.6 gate dielectrics on Si at 450 °C grown by UV-photo-induced chemical vapor deposition UV-CVD have been investigated via x-ray photoemission spectroscopy and spectroscopy ellipsometry SE . By means of the chemical shifts in the Hf 4f, Si 2p, and O 1s spectra, the Hf–O–Si bondings in the as-deposited films have been confirmed. Analyses of composition-dependent band alignment of Hf1−xSixOy / Si gate stacks have shown that the valence band VB offset Ev demonstrates little change; however, the values of conduction band offset Ec increase with the increase in the silicon atomic composition, resulting from the increase in the separation between oxygen 2p orbital VB state and antibonding d states intermixed of Hf and Si. Analysis by SE, based on the Tauc–Lorentz model, has indicated that decreases in the optical dielectric constant and increase in band gap have been observed as a function of silicon contents. Changes in the complex dielectric functions and band gap Eg related to the silicon concentration in the films are discussed systematically. From the band offset and band gap viewpoint, these results suggest that Hf1−xSixOy films provide sufficient tunneling barriers for electrons and holes, making them promising candidates as alternative gate dielectrics.
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ISSN: 0021-8979
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