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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2020Communication During Unconventional Times: The ECB’s ApproachMacchiarelli, C; Gerba, E
1-Jun-2020Political instability, institutional change and economic growth in Brazil since 1870Campos, N; Campos, N; Campos, N; Karanasos, M; Koutroumpis, P; Zhang, Z
2020The face value of arguments with and without manipulationFelgenhauer, M; Xu, F
2020Do the macro-prudential policies jeopardise banking competition?Mirzaei, A; Moore, T
2020GDP per capita in Europe: time trends and persistenceCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Monge, M
2020Gendered regulations and SME performance in transition economiesVershinina, N; Markman, G; Han, L; Rogers, P; Kitching, J; Hashimzade, N; Barrett, R