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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2019Price overreactions in the cryptocurrency marketCaporale, GM; Plastun, A
Jul-2017Gender diversity in board committees and firm performanceAgyemang-Mintah; Schadewitz, SH
2019Non-linearities, cyber attacks and cryptocurrenciesCaporale, GM; Kang, W-Y; Spagnolo, F; Spagnolo, N
9-Nov-2019High and low prices and the range in the European stock markets: a long-memory approachCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Poza, C
2019The production of stand-alone sustainability reports: Visual impression management, legitimacy and ‘functional stupidity’Usmani, M; Davison, J; Napier, C
19-Aug-2019Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Blood Pressure Response to β<inf>1</inf>-Blockers: Results From ICAPS (International Consortium of Antihypertensive Pharmacogenomics Studies)Singh, S; Warren, HR; Hiltunen, TP; McDonough, CW; El Rouby, N; Salvi, E; Wang, Z; Garofalidou, T; Fyhrquist, F; Kontula, KK; Glorioso, V; Zaninello, R; Glorioso, N; Pepine, CJ; Munroe, PB; Turner, ST; Chapman, AB; Boerwinkle, E; Johnson, JA; Gong, Y; Cooper-DeHoff, RM
May-2011International Transmission of Shocks: A Time-Varying Factor-Augmented VAR Approach to the Open EconomyLiu, P; Mumtaz, H; Theophilopoulou, A
18-Sep-2019Hypertensive APOL1 risk allele carriers demonstrate greater blood pressure reduction with angiotensin receptor blockade compared to low risk carriersCunningham, PN; Wang, Z; Grove, ML; Cooper-DeHoff, RM; Beitelshees, AL; Gong, Y; Gums, JG; Johnson, JA; Turner, ST; Boerwinkle, E; Chapman, AB