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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Social welfare, genetic welfare? Boundary-work in the IVF/PGD clinicEhrich, K; Williams, C; Scott, R; Sandall, J; Farsides, B
2006Dilemmas in fetal medicine: premature application of technology or responding to womens choice?Williams, C
2014Identifiability and privacy in pluripotent stem cell researchIsasi, R; Andrews, PW; Baltz, JM; Bredenoord, AL; Burton, P; Chiu, I-M; Hull, SC; Jung, J-W; Kurtz, A; Lomax, G; Ludwig, T; McDonald, M; Morris, C; Ng, HH; Rooke, H; Sharma, A; Stacey, GN; Williams, C; Zeng, F; Knoppers, BM
2016Relative values: Perspectives on a neuroimaging technology from above and within the Eethical landscapeSamuel, G; Cribb, A; Owens, J; Williams, C
2015Responsible research and innovation: A manifesto for empirical ethics?Gardner, J; Williams, C
2016Awareness of alcohol advertisements and perceived influence on alcohol consumption: a qualitative study of Nigerian university studentsDumbili, EW; Williams, C
2008The embryo as moral work object: PGD/IVF staff views and experiencesEhrich, K; Williams, C; Farsides, B
2008Shifting paradigms? Reflections on regenerative medicine, embryonic stem cells and pharmaceuticalsWainwright, SP; Michael, M; Williams, C
2013Neuroscientists’ everyday experiences of ethics: The interplay of regulatory, professional, personal and tangible ethical spheresBrosnan, C; Cribb, A; Wainwright, SP; Williams, C
2015Sociology of low expectations: Recalibration as innovation work in biomedicineGardner, J; Samuel, G; Williams, C