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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Young people’s uses of wearable healthy lifestyle technologies; surveillance, self-surveillance and resistanceGoodyear, VA; Kerner, C; Quennerstedt, M
2018Why is physical education more stimulating for pupils who are more satisfied with their own body?Kerner, C; Kirk, D; De Meester, A; Haerens, L
2018The Feasibility and Acceptability of The Girls Peer Activity (G-PACT) Peer-led Mentoring InterventionOwen, MB; Kerner, C; Taylor, SL; Noonan, RJ; Newson, L; Kosteli, M-C; Curry, WB; Fairclough, SJ
2017Physical activity and exercise priorities in community dwelling people with multiple sclerosis: A delphi studyDesouza, LH; Stennett, A; Norris, M
2018The Feasibility of a Novel School Peer-led Mentoring Model to Improve the Physical Activity Levels and Sedentary Time of Adolescent Girls: The Girls’ Peer Activity (G-PACT) ProjectOwen, MB; Kerner, C; Taylor, SL; Noonan, RJ; Newson, L; Kosteli, C; Curry, WB; Fairclough, SJ
4-Mar-2019Health wearables in adolescents: Implications for body satisfaction, motivation and physical activityKerner, C; Burrows, A; McGrane, B
2019Motives for Participation and Amount of Physical Activity among Kelantan Chinese AdolescentsAbdullah, N; Kueh, YC; Hanafi, MH; Morris, T; Kuan, G
9-Sep-2019Effects of Frequency and Duration of Interrupting Sitting on Cardiometabolic Risk MarkersMaylor, BD; Zakrzewski-Fruer, JK; Stensel, DJ; Orton, CJ; Bailey, DP
1-Mar-2019Co-Curricular Activities and Motives for Participating in Physical Activity among Health Sciences Students at Universiti Sains Malaysia, MalaysiaKuan, Garry; Abdullah, Nurzulaikha; Kueh, Yee Cheng; Ismail, Mohd; Shafei, Mohd Nazri; Morris, Tony
3-Jul-2018Testing measurement and factor structure invariance of the Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation scale for youth across genderKueh, YC; Abdullah, N; Kuan, G; Morris, T; Naing, NN