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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in British BasketballChappell, RH; Karageorghis, CI
1999Music in sport and exercise: Theory and practiceKarageorghis, CI
2000Latent Variable Modelling of the Relationship Between Flow and Exercise-induced Feelings: An Intuitive Appraisal PerspectiveKarageorghis, CI; Vlachopoulos, SP; Terry, PC
2014Psychophysiological effects of synchronous versus asynchronous music during cyclingLim, HBT; Karageorghis, CI; Romer, LM; Bishop, DT
3-Jun-2020Prime Movers: Effects of Subliminal Primes, Music, and Music Video on Psychological Responses to ExercisePottratz, ST; Hutchinson, JC; Karageorghis, CI; Mullin, EM; Zenko, Z
27-Jun-2016Cerebral mechanisms underlying the effects of music during a fatiguing isometric ankle-dorsiflexion taskBigliassi, M; Karageorghis, CI; Nowicky, AV; Orgs, G; Wright, MJ
15-Jun-2020Ready Exerciser One: Effects of Music and Virtual Reality on Cycle Ergometer ExerciseBird, JM; Karageorghis, CI; Baker, SJ; Brookes, DA; Nowicky, AV
2018Psychological and Psychophysiological Effects of Recuperative Music PostexerciseKarageorghis, CI; Bruce, AC; Pottratz, ST; Stevens, RC; Bigliassi, M; Hamer, M
24-Jan-2017Concurrent validity and cross-validation of the Brunel Lifestyle Physical Activity QuestionnaireVencato, MM; Karageorghis, CI; Priest, DL; Nevill, AM