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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2016Schizotypy and mindfulness: Magical thinking without suspiciousness characterizes mindfulness meditatorsAntonova, E; Amaratunga, K; Wright, B; Ettinger, U; Kumari, V
12-Nov-2016The mindful eye: Smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements in meditators and non-meditatorsKumari, V; Antonova, E; Wright, B; Hamid, A; Hernandez, EM; Schmechtig, A; Ettinger, U
21-May-2018Effects of lorazepam on saccadic eye movements: the role of sex, task characteristics and baseline traitsEttinger, U; Meyhöfer, I; Mehta, MA; Kumari, V; Corr, PJ; Williams, SCR; Perkins, AM
26-Nov-2019IQ score gains over 65 years worldwide: Cross-temporal meta-analysis datasetsWongupparaj, P; Kumari, V; Morris, RG
7-May-2019Attention Problems Predict Risk of Violence and Rehabilitative Engagement in Mentally Disordered OffendersPuzzo, I; Sedgwick, O; Kelly, R; Greer, B; Kumari, V; Gudjonsson, G; Young, S
2020Childhood maltreatment and its mental health consequences among Indian adolescents with a history of child workPandey, R; Gupta, S; Upadhyay, A; Gupta, RP; Shukla, M; Mishra, RC; Arya, YK; Singh, T; Niraula, S; Yun Fai Lau, J; Kumari, V
19-Apr-2020Reduced emotional responsiveness in individuals with marginal elevation in blood pressure within the normal range: Evidence from altered affect-modulated startle responseShukla, M; Lau, JYF; Lissek, S; Pandey, R; Kumari, V
2018Problematic attention processing and fear learning in adolescent anxiety: Testing a combined cognitive and learning processes modelBaker, HM; Barry, TJ; Kumari, V; Pandey, R; Niraula, S; Lau, JYF
2016Cognitive behavioral therapy normalizes functional connectivity for social threat in psychosisMason, L; Peters, ER; Dima, D; Williams, SC; Kumari, V
20-Jul-2020Mild-to-moderate schizotypal traits relate to physiological arousal from social stressPremkumar, P; Alahakoon, P; Smith, M; Kumari, V; Babu, D; Baker, J