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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2016Hans Eysenck's interface between the brain and personality: Modern evidence on the cognitive neuroscience of personalityMitchell, RLC; Kumari, V
9-Mar-2016Cognitive and neural models of threat appraisal in psychosis: A theoretical integrationUnderwood, R; Kumari, V; Peters, E
25-Jan-2016Appraisals of psychotic experiences: An experimental investigation of symptomatic, remitted and non-need-for-care individualsUnderwood, R; Kumari, V; Peters, E
22-Jan-2016Objective predictors of outcome in forensic mental health services-A systematic reviewSedgwick, O; Young, S; Das, M; Kumari, V
16-Mar-2018Neurophysiological correlates of excitement in men with recent-onset psychosisSumich, A; Harris, A; Whitford, T; Hermens, D; Heym, N; Anderson, J; Bloxsom, C; Kibowski, F; Kumari, V
16-Mar-2017Enrichment activities in the medical school psychiatry programme - could this be a key to engaging medical students in psychiatry? A study from a high secure forensic psychiatric UK hospitalMortlock, AM; Puzzo, I; Taylor, S; Kumari, V; Young, S; Sengupta, S; Das, M
2020Emotional abuse and neglect - time to focus on prevention and mental health consequencesKumari, V
27-Apr-2018Multisession Cognitive Bias Modification Targeting Multiple Biases in Adolescents with Elevated Social AnxietyLisk, SC; Pile, V; Haller, SPW; Kumari, V; Lau, JYF
9-May-2016Moderators of noise-induced cognitive change in healthy adultsWright, BAL; Peters, ER; Ettinger, U; Kuipers, E; Kumari, V
4-Dec-2017Neuroanatomical changes in people with high schizotypy: Relationship to glutamate levelsModinos, G; Egerton, A; McLaughlin, A; McMullen, K; Kumari, V; Lythgoe, DJ; Barker, GJ; Aleman, A; Williams, SCR