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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2016Effects of environmental noise on cognitive (dys)functions in schizophrenia: A pilot within-subjects experimental studyWright, B; Peters, E; Ettinger, U; Kuipers, E; Kumari, V
8-May-2020Controlled Sleep Deprivation as an Experimental Medicine Model of Schizophrenia: An UpdateKumari, V; Ettinger, U
19-Jul-2020Research priorities for the COVID‐19 pandemic and beyond: A call to action for psychological scienceO'Connor, DB; Aggleton, JP; Chakrabarti, B; Cooper, CL; Creswell, C; Dunsmuir, S; Fiske, ST; Gathercole, S; Gough, B; Ireland, JL; Jones, MV; Jowett, A; Kagan, C; Karanika‐Murray, M; Kaye, LK; Kumari, V; Lewandowsky, S; Lightman, S; Malpass, D; Meins, E; Morgan, BP; Morrison Coulthard, LJ; Reicher, SD; Schacter, DL; Sherman, SM; Simms, V; Williams, A; Wykes, T; Armitage, CJ
2020Reading Skills Deficits in People with Mental Illness: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisVanova, M; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Jennings, B; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
3-Feb-2020Verbal and visuospatial short-term and working memory data across a 43-year period (1973–2016) worldwide: Flynn and anti-Flynn effectsWongupparaj, P; Wongupparaj, R; Kumari, V; Morris, RG