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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Vegetation context and climatic limits of the Early Pleistocene hominin dispersal in EuropeLeroy, SAG; Arpe, K; Mikolajewicz, U
2010Investigating the pathogenesis and therapy of Friedreich AtaxiaSandi, Chiranjeevi
2010Methylglyoxal modulates immune responses: relevance to diabetesPrice, CL; Al Hassi, HOS; English, NR; Blakemore, AIF; Stagg, AJ; Knight, SC
2010A new highly penetrant form of obesity due to deletions on chromosome 16p11.2Walters, RG; Jacquemont, S; Valsesia, A; de Smith, AJ; Martinet, D; Andersson, J; Falchi, M; Chen, F; Andrieux, J; Lobbens, S; Delobel, B; Stutzmann, F; Moustafa, JSE-S; Chevre, J-C; Lecoeur, C; Vatin, V; Bouquillon, S; Buxton, JL; Boute, O; Holder-Espinasse, M; Cuisset, J-M; Lemaitre, M-P; Ambresin, A-E; Brioschi, A; Gaillard, M; Giusti, V; Fellmann, F; Ferrarini, A; Hadjikhani, N; Campion, D; Guilmatre, A; Goldenberg, A; Calmels, N; Mandel, J-L; Le Caignec, C; David, A; Isidor, B; Cordier, M-P; Dupuis-Girod, S; Labalme, A; Sanlaville, D; Beri-Dexheimer, M; Jonveaux, P; Leheup, B; Ounap, K; Bochukova, EG; Henning, E; Keogh, J; Ellis, RJ; MacDermot, KD; van Haelst, MM; Vincent-Delorme, C; Plessis, G; Touraine, R; Philippe, A; Malan, V; Mathieu-Dramard, M; Chiesa, J; Blaumeiser, B; Kooy, RF; Caiazzo, R; Pigeyre, M; Balkau, B; Sladek, R; Bergmann, S; Mooser, V; Waterworth, D; Reymond, A; Vollenweider, P; Waeber, G; Kurg, A; Palta, P; Esko, T; Metspalu, A; Nelis, M; Elliott, P; Hartikainen, A-L; McCarthy, MI; Peltonen, L; Carlsson, L; Jacobson, P; Sjostrom, L; Huang, N; Hurles, ME; O'Rahilly, S; Farooqi, IS; Maennik, K; Jarvelin, M-R; Pattou, F; Meyre, D; Walley, AJ; Coin, LJM; Blakemore, AIF; Froguel, P; Beckmann, JS
2010In vivo measurements of muscle specific tension in adults and childrenO'Brien, TD; Reeves, ND; Baltzopoulos, V; Jones, DA; Maganaris, CN
2010The nuclear envelope can control gene expression and cell cycle progression via miRNA regulationMalhas, A; Saunders, NJ; Vaux, DJ
2010The development of a typology of abusive coaching behaviours within youth sportRaakman, E; Dorsch, K; Rhind, D
2010Herbert Simon's decision-making approach: Investigation of cognitive processes in expertsCampitelli, G; Gobet, F
2010In vitro meat: Zombies on the menu?Stephens, NS
2010Acute cardiorespiratory responses to inspiratory pressure threshold loadingGriffiths, LA