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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The applicability of the "read-across hypothesis" for assessing the effects of human pharmaceuticals on fishPatel, Alpa
2014Restoring Akt1 activity in outgrowth endothelial cells from south asian men rescues vascular reparative potentialCubbon, RM; Yuldasheva, NY; Viswambharan, H; Mercer, BN; Baliga, V; Stephen, SL; Askham, J; Sukumar, P; Skromna, A; Mughal, RS; Walker, AMN; Bruns, A; Bailey, MA; Galloway, S; Imrie, H; Gage, MC; Rakobowchuk, M; Li, J; Porter, KE; Ponnambalam, S; Wheatcroft, SB; Beech, DJ; Kearney, MT
2014Pattern recognition of estradiol, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in children's saliva samples using stochastic microsensorsStaden, R-IS-V; Gugoaşă, LA; Calenic, B; Legler, J
2014The emerging role of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in neurodegenerative diseasesAl-Mahdawi, S; Virmouni, SA; Pook, MA
2014Erratum to: The non-random repositioning of whole chromosomes and individual gene loci in interphase nuclei and its relevance in disease, infection, aging, and cancer.Bridger, JM; Arican-Gotkas, HD; Foster, HA; Godwin, LS; Harvey, A; Kill, IR; Knight, M; Mehta, IS; Ahmed, MH
2014Romantic ideals, mate preferences, and anticipation of future difficulties in marital life: a comparative study of young adults in India and AmericaBejanyan, K; Marshall, TC; Ferenczi, N
2014Postural threat during walking: effects on energy cost and accompanying gait changesIJmker, T; Lamoth, CJ; Houdijk, H; van der Woude, LHV; Beek, PJ
2014Facial width-to-height ratio predicts self-reported dominance and aggression in males and females, but a measure of masculinity does notLefevre, CE; Etchells, PJ; Howell, EC; Clark, AP; Penton-Voak, IS
2014Food activities and identity maintenance in old age: a systematic review and meta-synthesisPlastow, NA; Atwal, A; Gilhooly, M
2014Early middle triassic stromatolites from the luoping area, yunnan province, southwest china: Geobiologic features and environmental implicationsLuo, M; Chen, ZQ; Hu, SX; Zhou, CY; Zhang, QY; Huang, JY; Kershaw, S; Wen, W