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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Incorporation of Biological Knowledge into the Study of Gene-Environment InteractionsRitchie, MD; Davis, JR; Aschard, H; Battle, A; Conti, D; Du, M; Eskin, E; Fallin, MD; Hsu, L; Kraft, P; Moore, JH; Pierce, BL; Bien, SA; Blair Thomas, DC; Wei, P; Montgomery, SB
1-Apr-2017Was that a threat? Attentional biases by signals of threatPreciado, D; Munneke, J; Theeuwes, J
25-Jul-2017Joint action aestheticsVicary, S; Sperling, M; Von Zimmermann, J; Richardson, DC; Orgs, G
1-Nov-2017What Explains Personality Covariation? A Test of the Socioecological Complexity HypothesisLukaszewski, AW; Gurven, M; von Rueden, CR; Schmitt, DP
11-May-2017Where the psychological adaptations hit the ecological roadJonason, PK; Schmitt, DP
17-Jul-2017Combining two model systems of psychosis: The effects of schizotypy and sleep deprivation on oculomotor control and psychotomimetic statesMeyhöfer, I; Steffens, M; Faiola, E; Kasparbauer, AM; Kumari, V; Ettinger, U
2017Intact word processing in developmental prosopagnosiaBurns, EJ; Bennetts, RJ; Bate, S; Wright, VC; Weidemann, CT; Tree, JJ
2017Legacy, resource mobilisation and the olympic movementGirginov, V
19-May-2017PARK2 loss promotes cancer progression via redox-mediated inactivation of PTENGupta, A; Anjomani-Virmouni, S; Koundouros, N; Poulogiannis, G
5-Nov-2017Comparing the response modulation hypothesis and the integrated emotions system theory: The role of top-down attention in psychopathyMunneke, J; Hoppenbrouwers, SS; Little, B; Kooiman, K; van der Burg, E; Theeuwes, J