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2014Effect of abdominal binding on respiratory mechanics during exercise in athletes with cervical spinal cord injuryWest, CR; Goosey-Tolfrey, VL; Campbell, IG; Romer, LM
13-Sep-2018Temperature-related mortality impacts under and beyond Paris Agreement climate change scenariosVicedo-Cabrera, AM; Guo, Y; Sera, F; Huber, V; Schleussner, CF; Mitchell, D; Tong, S; Coelho, MDSZS; Saldiva, PHN; Lavigne, E; Correa, PM; Ortega, NV; Kan, H; Osorio, S; Kyselý, J; Urban, A; Jaakkola, JJK; Ryti, NRI; Pascal, M; Goodman, PG; Zeka, A; Michelozzi, P; Scortichini, M; Hashizume, M; Honda, Y; Hurtado-Diaz, M; Cruz, J; Seposo, X; Kim, H; Tobias, A; Íñiguez, C; Forsberg, B; Åström, DO; Ragettli, MS; Röösli, M; Guo, YL; Wu, CF; Zanobetti, A; Schwartz, J; Bell, ML; Dang, TN; Do Van, D; Heaviside, C; Vardoulakis, S; Hajat, S; Haines, A; Armstrong, B; Ebi, KL; Gasparrini, A
14-Sep-2018TOP2B: The first thirty yearsAustin, CA; Lee, KC; Swan, RL; Khazeem, MM; Manville, CM; Cridland, P; Treumann, A; Porter, A; Morris, NJ; Cowell, IG
10-Sep-2018Quantification by SIFT-MS of volatile compounds produced by the action of sodium hypochlorite on a model system of infected root canal contentIoannidis, K; Niazi, S; Deb, S; Mannocci, F; Smith, D; Turner, C
11-Aug-2018A neurobiological pathway to smoking in adolescence: TTC12-ANKK1-DRD2 variants and reward responseMacare, C; Ducci, F; Zhang, Y; Ruggeri, B; Jia, T; Kaakinen, M; Kalsi, G; Charoen, P; Casoni, F; Peters, J; Bromberg, U; Hill, M; Buxton, J; Blakemore, A; Veijola, J; Büchel, C; Banaschewski, T; Bokde, ALW; Conrod, P; Flor, H; Frouin, V; Gallinat, J; Garavan, H; Gowland, PA; Heinz, A; Ittermann, B; Lathrop, M; Martinot, JL; Paus, T; Desrivières, S; Munafò, M; Järvelin, MR; Schumann, G
31-Jan-2019Sniffing out resistance - Rapid identification of urinary tract infection-causing bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility using volatile metabolite profilesSmart, A; Costello, BDL; White, P; Avison, M; Batty, C; Turner, C; Persad, R; Ratcliffe, N
2014Long-term effects of oestrogenic effluent exposure on wild fish populationsNicol, Elizabeth
2017An alternative approach to risk rank chemicals on the threat they pose to the aquatic environmentJohnson, AC; Donnachie, RL; Sumpter, JP; Jürgens, MD; Moeckel, C; Pereira, MG
2016Anti-anxiety drugs and fish behavior: Establishing the link between internal concentrations of oxazepam and behavioral effectsHuerta, B; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Rodríguez-Mozaz, S; Scholze, M; Winter, MJ; Barceló, D; Sumpter, JP
7-Mar-2018Closing the loop on plastic packaging materials: What is quality and how does it affect their circularity?Hahladakis, JN; Iacovidou, E