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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Perceptions of mixed-race: A study using an implicit indexWright, B; Olyedemi, M; Gaines, SO
2016Personality and Close Relationship ProcessesGaines, SO
2014Evaluation of the inner wellbeing model in ZambiaGaines, SO
2015Heroes and villains of world history across culturesHanke, K; Liu, JH; Sibley, CG; Paez, D; Gaines, SO; Moloney, G; Leong, C-H; Wagner, W; Licata, L; Klein, O; Garber, I; Böhm, G; Hilton, DJ; Valchev, V; Khan, SS; Cabecinhas, R
2015Interethnic Marriage in the United States: An IntroductionGaines, SO; Clark, EM; Afful, SE
2017Identity and interethnic marriage in the United StatesGaines, SO
2017Positive Psychology, Close Relationship Processes, and Cultural DiversityGaines, SO; Ferenczi, N
2018Ethnicity, Culture, and Close RelationshipsGaines, SO; Hardin, DP
2010Evaluating the psychometric properties of the multigroup ethnic identity measure (MEIM) within the United KingdomGaines, SO; Bunce, D; Robertson, T; Wright, B
2012Modelling psychological responses to the great East Japan earthquake and nuclear incidentGoodwin, R; Takahashi, M; Sun, S; Gaines, SO