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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Investigating Friedreich ataxia disease mechanisms and therapySaqlain, Saba
2018An Evaluation of a Community Based Cycling Group for Children with DCD: a model for Health Care Professionals and StudentsPrunty, M; Norris, M; Lim, K
2018Ethnicity, Culture, and Close RelationshipsGaines, SO; Hardin, DP
2018Diverse Partner Selection with Brood Recombination in Genetic ProgrammingAslam, MW; Zhu, Z
2018Present-day monitoring underestimates the risk of exposure to pathogenic bacteria from cold water storage tanksRoutledge, EJ; Peter, A
2018Experts Integrate Explicit Contextual Priors and Environmental Information to Improve Anticipation EfficiencyGredin, V; Bishop, D; Broadbent, D; Tucker, A; Williams, A
2018Effects of an acute bout of dynamic stretching on biomechanical properties of the gastrocnemius muscle determined by Shear Wave ElastographyMohagheghi, AA; Pamboris, GM; Noorkoiv, M; Baltzopoulos, V; Gokalp, H; Marzilger, R
2018Prognostic value of the DNA Integrity Index in patients with malignant lung tumoursKarteris, E
2018Physiological and Perceptual Responses to Exercising in Restrictive Heat Loss Attire with Use of an Upper-body Sauna Suit in Temperate and Hot ConditionsWillmott, AGB; Gibson, O; James, CA; Hayes, M; Maxwell, NS
2018Repeat associated mechanisms of genome evolution and function revealed by theMus caroliandMus paharigenomes.Roller, M; Navarro, FCP; Fiddes, I; Streeter, I; Feig, C; Martin-Galvez, D; Kolmogorov, M; JanouĊĦek, V; Akanni, W; Aken, B; Aldridge, S; Chakrapani, V; Chow, W; Clarke, L; Cummins, C; Doran, A; Dunn, M; Goodstadt, L; Howe, K; Howell, M; Josselin, A-A; Karn, RC; Laukaitis, CM; Jingtao, L; Martin, F; Muffato, M; Nachtweide, S; Quail, MA; Sisu, C; Stanke, M; Stefflova, K; Van Oosterhout, C; Veyrunes, F; Ward, B; Yang, F; Yazdanifar, G; Zadissa, A; Adams, DJ; Brazma, A; Gerstein, M; Paten, B; Pham, S; Keane, TM; Odom, DT; Flicek, P