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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2019Dimethyl fumarate dosing in humans increases frataxin expression: A potential therapy for Friedreich's Ataxia.Jasoliya, M; Sacca, F; Sahdeo, S; Chedin, F; Pane, C; Brescia Morra, V; Filla, A; Pook, M; Cortopassi, G
2019GWAS on longitudinal growth traits reveals different genetic factors influencing infant, child and adult BMIBlakemore, A; Couto Alves, A
28-May-2019Pharmacology beyond the patient – The environmental risks of human drugsGunnarsson, L; Snape, JR; Verbruggen, B; Owen, SF; Kristiansson, E; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Österlund, T; Hutchinson, K; Leverett, D; Marks, B; Tyler, CR
11-May-2019What makes a good scientist? Karl Fent as an exampleSumpter, JP
2019Head Start Immunity: Characterising the early protection of C strain vaccine against subsequent classical swine fever virus infectionMcCarthy, R; Everett, H; Graham, SP; Steinbach, F; Crooke, HR
26-Jun-2019From Medical Devices to Everyday Products: Exploring cross-cultural perceptions of Assistive TechnologySpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Martin, W; Wang, K
2019Do Pharmacy Intervention Reports Adequately Describe Their Interventions? A Template for Intervention Description and Replication Analysis of Reports included in a Systematic Reviewde Barra, M; Scott, C; Johnston, M; de Bruin, M; Scott, N; Matheson, C; Bond, C; Watson, M
2-Jul-2019The Effects of Brain Breaks on Motives of Participation in Physical Activity among Primary School Children in MalaysiaHajar, MS; Rizal, H; Kueh, YC; Muhamad, AS; Kuan, G
16-May-2019The effects of positive schizotypy and sleep deprivation on prepulse inhibitionMeyhöfer, I; Ettinger, U; Faiola, E; Petrovsky, N; Kumari, V
2019Implementation of sit-stand desks as a workplace health initiative: stakeholder views"Hall, J; Kay, T; McConnell, A; Mansfield, L