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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Expertise Differences in Identifying the Direction of an Opposing Footballer's Moves: A Behavioural and Event-Related Potentials Study With Point-Light StimuliWright, M; Jackson, R
7-Mar-2019Integrative human cardiovascular responses to hyperthermiaChiesa, S; Trangmar, S; Watanabe, K; González-Alonso, J
23-Apr-2019Sex Work, Social Support, and Stigma: Experiences of Transgender Women in the Dominican RepublicMilner, A; Hearld, KR; Abreu, N; Budhwani, H; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, RM; Paulino- Ramirez, R
1-Aug-2018The roles of contextual priors and kinematic information during anticipation: Toward a Bayesian integration modelGredin, NV; Bishop, DT; Broadbent, DP; Williams, AM
19-Jul-2018Varela’s Legacy for ALIFE: from Enactive to Enlightened AIAntonova, E
7-Apr-2019Emotions associated with different textures during touchIosifyan, M; Korolkova, O
2016Cross-cultural dataset for the evolution of religion and morality projectPurzycki, BG; Apicella, C; Atkinson, QD; Cohen, E; McNamara, RA; Willard, AK; Xygalatas, D; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
2016Exercise and preexercise nutrition as treatment for McArdle diseaseNogales-Gadea, G; Santalla, A; Ballester-Lopez, A; Arenas, J; Martín, MA; Godfrey, R; Pinís, T; Pintos-Morell, G; Coll-Cantí, J; Lucia, A
24-Jul-2017Discovery and replication of SNP-SNP interactions for quantitative lipid traits in over 60,000 individualsHolzinger, ER; Verma, SS; Moore, CB; Hall, M; De, R; Gilbert-Diamond, D; Lanktree, MB; Pankratz, N; Amuzu, A; Burt, A; Dale, C; Dudek, S; Furlong, CE; Gaunt, TR; Kim, DS; Riess, H; Sivapalaratnam, S; Tragante, V; Van Iperen, EPA; Brautbar, A; Carrell, DS; Crosslin, DR; Jarvik, GP; Kuivaniemi, H; Kullo, IJ; Larson, EB; Rasmussen-Torvik, LJ; Tromp, G; Baumert, J; Cruickshanks, KJ; Farrall, M; Hingorani, AD; Hovingh, GK; Kleber, ME; Klein, BE; Klein, R; Koenig, W; Lange, LA; MOrz, W; North, KE; Charlotte Onland-Moret, N; Reiner, AP; Talmud, PJ; Van Der Schouw, YT; Wilson, JG; Kivimaki, M; Kumari, M; Moore, JH; Drenos, F; Asselbergs, FW; Keating, BJ; Ritchie, MD
2017Corticolimbic hyper-response to emotion and glutamatergic function in people with high schizotypy: A multimodal fMRI-MRS studyModinos, G; McLaughlin, A; Egerton, A; McMullen, K; Kumari, V; Barker, GJ; Keysers, C; Williams, SCR