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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2018Weighing Outcome vs. Intent Across Societies: How cultural models of mind shape moral reasoningMcNamara, RA; Willard, AK; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
12-Feb-2017Recovery of critical metals from dilute leach solutions – Separation of indium from tin and leadGrimes, SM; Yasri, NG; Chaudhary, AJ
4-Jul-2019Assessing Statistical Anxiety Among Online and Traditional StudentsFrey-Clark, M; Natesan, P; O’Bryant, M
28-Sep-2018Challenges in measuring ACGME competencies: considerations for milestonesNatesan, P; Batley, NJ; Bakhti, R; El-Doueihi, PZ
13-Aug-2019Comparing patients and families perceptions of satisfaction and predictors of overall satisfaction in the emergency departmentNatesan, P; Hadid, D; Harb, YA; Hitti, E
29-Jun-2018Early Predictors of Child's Bully and Victim Statuses: A Longitudinal Investigation Using Parent, Teacher, and Student Reports From National DataNatesan, P; Mitchell, ME; Glover, RJ
8-May-2018Evaluation of threshold selection methods for adaptive kernel density estimation in disease mappingRuckthongsook, W; Tiwari, C; Oppong, JR; Natesan, P
1-Jul-2020The Nuclear Lamina: Protein Accumulation, Disease and ClearanceAlmendáriz-Palacios, C; Gillespie, ZE; Janzen, M; Martinez, V; Bridger, JM; Harkness, TAA; Mousseau , DD; Eskiw, CH
2017The effectiveness of school-based physical activity interventions for adolescent girls: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Owen, MB; Curry, WB; Kerner, C; Newson, L; Fairclough, SJ
Jun-2014Mercury exposure assessment in fish and humans from Sundarban wetland of IndiaChatterjee, M; Basu, N; Sarkar, S