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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Improvement in 100-m sprint performance at an altitude of 2250 mLinthorne, N
2016Using palynology to re-assess the Dead Sea laminated sediments – indeed varves?López-Merino, L; Leroy, SAG; Eshel, A; Epshtein, V; Belmaker, R; Bookman, R
2016Relative contributions of parent perceived child characteristics to variation in child feeding behaviorALDRIDGE, VICTORIAK; DOVEY, TERENCEM; MARTIN, CLARISSAI; MEYER, CAROLINE
2016Expert–novice differences in brain function of field hockey playersWimshurst, ZL; Sowden, PT; Wright, M
2016Neuroticism related differences in the functional neuroanatomical correlates of multitasking. An fMRI studySzameitat, AJ; Saylik, R; Parton, A
2016Analysis with the exome array identifies multiple new independent variants in lipid lociKanoni, S; Masca, NGD; Stirrups, KE; Varga, TV; Warren, HR; Scott, RA; Southam, L; Zhang, W; Yaghootkar, H; Müller-Nurasyid, M; Couto Alves, A; Strawbridge, RJ; Lataniotis, L; Hashim, NAN; Besse, C; Boland, A; Braund, PS; Connell, JM; Dominiczak, A; Farmaki, A-E; Franks, S; Grallert, H; Jansson, J-H; Karaleftheri, M; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Matchan, A; Pasko, D; Peters, A; Poulter, N; Rayner, NW; Renström, F; Rolandsson, O; Sabater-Lleal, M; Sennblad, B; Sever, P; Shields, D; Silveira, A; Stanton, AV; Strauch, K; Tomaszewski, M; Tsafantakis, E; Waldenberger, M; Blakemore, AIF; Dedoussis, G; Escher, SA; Kooner, JS; McCarthy, MI; Palmer, CNA; Hamsten, A; Caulfield, MJ; Frayling, TM; Tobin, MD; Jarvelin, M-R; Zeggini, E; Gieger, C; Chambers, JC; Wareham, NJ; Munroe, PB; Franks, PW; Samani, NJ; Deloukas, P
2016The pro-social neurohormone oxytocin reverses the actions of the stress hormone cortisol in human ovarian carcinoma cells in vitroMankarious, A; Dave, F; Pados, G; Tsolakidis, D; Gidron, Y; Pang, Y; Thomas, P; Hall, M; Karteris, E
2016Perspective: Does laboratory-based maximal incremental exercise testing elicit maximum physiological responses in highly-trained athletes with cervical spinal cord injury?West, CR; Leicht, CA; Goosey-Tolfrey, VL; Romer, LM
2016Personality and Close Relationship ProcessesGaines, SO
2016Inertia based microfluidic capture and characterisation of circulating tumour cells for the diagnosis of lung cancerChudasama, DY; Freydina, MB; Freidin, MB; Leung, M; Fernandez, AM; Rice, A; Nicholson, AG; Karteris, E; Anikin, V; Lim, E