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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2019Termination of DNA Replication in ProkaryotesRudolph, C; Corocher, T-A; Grainge, I; Duggin, IG
2019Modern carbonate ooids preserve ambient aqueous REE signaturesLi, F; Webb, G; Algeo, T; Kershaw, S; Lu, C; Oehlert, A; Gong, Q; Pourmand, A; Tan, X
2019Community sport and the politics of ageing: co-design and partnership approaches to understanding the embodied experiences of low-income older people.Mansfield, L; Kay, T; Anokye, N; Fox-Rushby, J
7-Mar-2019Liquid biopsies in lung cancer: Four emerging technologies and potential clinical applicationsChudasama, D; Katopodis, P; Stone, N; Haskell, J; Sheridan, H; Gardner, B; Urnovitz, H; Schuetz, E; Beck, J; Hall, M; Barr, J; Sisu, C; Rice, A; Polychronis, A; Anikin, V; Karteris, E
14-Mar-2019Direct removal of RNA polymerase barriers to replication by accessory replicative helicasesHawkins, M; Dimude, JU; Howard, JAL; Smith, AJ; Dillingham, MS; Savery, NJ; Rudolph, CJ; McGlynn, P
6-Feb-2019Protecting the environment from psychoactive drugs: Problems for regulators illustrated by the possible effects of tramadol on fish behaviourTanoue, R; Margiotta-Casaluci, L; Huerta, B; Runnalls, TJ; Eguchi, A; Nomiyama, K; Kunisue, T; Tanabe, S; Sumpter, JP
2019Redefining super recognition in the real world: Skilled face or person identity recognizers?Bate, S; Portch, E; Mestry, N; Bennetts, R
27-Feb-2019Conceptual framework for living with and beyond cancer: A systematic review and narrative synthesisLe Boutillier, C; Archer, S; Barry, C; King, A; Mansfield, L; Urch, C
31-Mar-2019Transcriptomics and immunological analyses reveal a pro-angiogenic and anti-inflammatory phenotype for decidual endothelial cellsAgostinis, C; Masat, E; Bossi, F; Ricci, G; Menegazzi, R; Lombardelli, L; Zito, G; Mangogna, A; Degan, M; Gattei, V; Piccinni, M-P; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2019The McGill Face Database: validation and insights into the recognition of facial expressions of complex mental statesSchmidtmann, G; Jennings, B; Sandra, D; Pollock, J; Ian, G