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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Experiences of caregivers of children with inherited metabolic diseases: A qualitative studySiddiq, S; Wilson, BJ; Graham, ID; Lamoureux, M; Khangura, SD; Tingley, K; Tessier, L; Chakraborty, P; Coyle, D; Dyack, S; Gillis, J; Greenberg, C; Hayeems, RZ; Jain-Ghai, S; Kronick, JB; Laberge, A-M; Little, J; Mitchell, JJ; Prasad, C; Siriwardena, K; Sparkes, R; Speechley, KN; Stockler, S; Trakadis, Y; Wafa, S; Walia, J; Wilson, K; Yuskiv, N; Potter, BK
2015Scoping review of patient- and family-oriented outcomes and measures for chronic pediatric disease.Karaceper, MD; Trakadis, Y; Mitchell, JJ; Chakraborty, P; Tingley, K; Coyle, D; Grosse, SD; Kronick, JB; Laberge, A-M; Little, J; Prasad, C; Sikora, L; Siriwardena, K; Sparkes, R; Speechley, KN; Stockler, S; Wilson, BJ; Wilson, K; Zayed, R; Potter, BK; Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network
2012Achieving the "triple aim" for inborn errors of metabolism: a review of challenges to outcomes research and presentation of a new practice-based evidence frameworkPotter, BK; Chakraborty, P; Kronick, JB; Wilson, K; Coyle, D; Feigenbaum, A; Geraghty, MT; Karaceper, MD; Little, J; Mhanni, A; Mitchell, JJ; Siriwardena, K; Wilson, BJ; Syrowatka, A
2018Using a meta-narrative literature review and focus groups with key stakeholders to identify perceived challenges and solutions for generating robust evidence on the effectiveness of treatments for rare diseasesTingley, K; Coyle, D; Graham, ID; Sikora, L; Chakraborty, P; Wilson, K; Mitchell, JJ; Stockler-Ipsiroglu, S; Potter, BK
22-Mar-2019Health services use among children diagnosed with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency through newborn screening: A cohort study in Ontario, CanadaKaraceper, MD; Khangura, SD; Wilson, K; Coyle, D; Brownell, M; Davies, C; Dodds, L; Feigenbaum, A; Fell, DB; Grosse, SD; Guttmann, A; Hawken, S; Hayeems, RZ; Kronick, JB; Laberge, AM; Little, J; Mhanni, A; Mitchell, JJ; Nakhla, M; Potter, M; Prasad, C; Rockman-Greenberg, C; Sparkes, R; Stockler, S; Ueda, K; Vallance, H; Wilson, BJ; Chakraborty, P; Potter, BK
10-Apr-2020Evaluation of the quality of clinical data collection for a pan-Canadian cohort of children affected by inherited metabolic diseases: Lessons learned from the Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research NetworkTingley, K; Lamoureux, M; Pugliese, M; Geraghty, MT; Kronick, JB; Potter, BK; Coyle, D; Wilson, K; Kowalski, M; Austin, V; Brunel-Guitton, C; Buhas, D; Chan, AKJ; Dyack, S; Feigenbaum, A; Giezen, A; Goobie, S; Greenberg, CR; Ghai, SJ; Inbar-Feigenberg, M; Karp, N; Kozenko, M; Langley, E; Lines, M; Little, J; MacKenzie, J; Maranda, B; Mercimek-Andrews, S; Mohan, C; Mhanni, A; Mitchell, G; Mitchell, JJ; Nagy, L; Napier, M; Pender, A; Potter, M; Prasad, C; Ratko, S; Salvarinova, R; Schulze, A; Siriwardena, K; Sondheimer, N; Sparkes, R; Stockler-Ipsiroglu, S; Trakadis, Y; Turner, L; Van Karnebeek, C; Vallance, H; Vandersteen, A; Walia, J; Wilson, A; Wilson, BJ; Yu, AC; Yuskiv, N; Chakraborty, P