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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2019An Annotation Model on End-to-End Chest Radiology ReportsHuang, X; Fang, Y; Lu, M; Yao, Y; Li, M
16-Dec-2019Hand Gesture Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network for People Who Have Experienced A StrokeAlnaim, N; Abbod, M; Albar, A
2020Lightweight V-Net for Liver SegmentationLei, Tao; Zhou, Wenzheng; Zhang, Yuxiao; Wang, Risheng; Meng, Hongying; Nandi, Asoke K.
6-Jun-2019Pedestrian and cyclist detection and intent estimation for autonomous vehicles: A surveyAhmed, S; Huda, MN; Rajbhandari, S; Saha, C; Elshaw, M; Kanarachos, S
5-Jan-2021Deep Learning based Segmentation for Multi MR Imaging Protocols using Transfer Learning for PET Attenuation Correction.Mecheter, I; Amira, A; Abbod, M; Zaidi, H
20-Apr-2019Investigating 3D holoscopic visual content upsampling using super resolution for cultural heritage digitizationBelhi, A; Bouras, A; Alfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Sadka, AH
13-May-2021Lightweight Non-Local Network for Image Super-ResolutionWang, R; Lei, T; Zhou, W; Wang, Q; Meng, H; Nandi, AK
9-Jun-2021Fast Binary Embedding of Deep Learning Image Features Using Golay-Hadamard MatricesAmmatmanee, C; Gan, L; Liu, H
27-Jun-2021Semantic 3D Scene Classification Based on Holoscopic 3D Camera for Autonomous VehiclesCao, C; Swash, M; Meng, H
20-Dec-2021Unsupervised anomaly detection in printed circuit boards through student–teacher feature pyramid matchingAdibhatla, VA; Huang, YC; Chang, MC; Kuo, HC; Utekar, A; Chih, HC; Abbod, MF; Shieh, JS