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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mini gesture detection using neural networks algorithmsAlnaim, N; Abbod, M
18-Jul-2019A Novel Sigmoid-Function-Based Adaptive Weighted Particle Swarm OptimizerLiu, W; Wang, Z; Yuan, Y; Zeng, N; Hone, K; Liu, X
1-Aug-2019Variance-Constrained Recursive State Estimation for Time-Varying Complex Networks with Quantized Measurements and Uncertain Inner CouplingHu, J; Wang, Z; Liu, GP; Zhang, H
31-Oct-2016Security Control for Discrete-Time Stochastic Nonlinear Systems Subject to Deception AttacksDing, D; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Wei, G
4-Jun-2018The matrix proteins aggrecan and fibulin-1 play a key role in determining aortic stiffnessYasmin; Maskari, RA; McEniery, CM; Cleary, SE; Li, Y; Siew, K; Figg, NL; Khir, AW; Cockcroft, JR; Wilkinson, IB; O'Shaughnessy, KM
8-Apr-2019Carotid artery wave intensity in mid- to late-life predicts cognitive decline: the Whitehall II studyChiesa, ST; Masi, S; Shipley, MJ; Ellins, EA; Fraser, AG; Hughes, AD; Patel, RS; Khir, AW; Halcox, JP; Singh-Manoux, A; Kivimaki, M; Celermajer, DS; Deanfield, JE
28-Feb-2019Stiffening and ventricular-arterial interaction in the ascending aorta using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Ageing effects in healthy humansLi, Y; Hickson, SS; McEniery, CM; Wilkinson, IB
20-Dec-2019Compressible Fanno flows in micro-channels: An enhanced quasi-2D numerical model for turbulent flowsCavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA; Karayiannis, TG
26-Nov-2018A method for determining local pulse wave velocity in human ascending aorta from sequential ultrasound measurements of diameter and velocityNegoita, M; Hughes, AD; Parker, KH; Khir, AW
16-Dec-2019Environmental impact of the High Concentrator Photovoltaic Thermal 2000x SystemShittu, E; Kolokotroni, M; Stojceska, V