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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-2017Sustainable deltas in a changing worldHutton, CW; Lazar, AN; Nicholls, RJ; Kebede, A
2017The impact of coastal landfills on shoreline management plansBeaven, RP; Stringfellow, A; Nicholls, RJ; Haigh, I; Kebede, A; Watts, J
2019Organisational absorptive capacity and its potential role in achieving business intelligence systems efficiency in strategic managerial levelsAl-Eisawi, Dalia
2016Stability and geometry of silica nano-ribbons (SNRs): a first-principles studyFang, CM; van Blaaderen, A; van Huis, MA
2016Parameter uncertainty and temporal dynamics of sensitivity for hydrologic models: A hybrid sequential data assimilation and probabilistic collocation methodFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K; Li, Z; Chen, X; Xiong, LH
2017A knowledge capturing and sharing framework for improving the testing processes in global product development using storytelling and video sharingZammit, J; Gao, J; Evans, R; Maropoulos, P
2018Time-frequency analysis based on split spectrum applied to audio and ultrasonic signalsPedram Rad, Seyed Kamran
15-Jun-2017Development of a copula-based particle filter (CopPF) approach for hydrologic data assimilation under consideration of parameter interdependenceFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K
5-Jun-2018Visualizing collaboration characteristics and topic burst on international mobile health research: Bibliometric analysisShen, L; Xiong, B; Li, W; Lan, F; Evans, R; Zhang, W
2017Manufacturing process innovation-oriented knowledge evaluation using MCDM and fuzzy linguistic computing in an open innovation environmentWang, G; Tian, X; Hu, Y; Evans, RD; Tian, M; Wang, R