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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2018Editorial: New developments in cloud and IoTYounas, M; Awan, I; Ghinea, G; Grønli, TM
13-Jul-2018Electromagnetic Metrology for NEMSHao, L; Gallop, J; Chen, J
25-Feb-2019Unbalanced mass flow rate of packed bed thermal energy storage and its influence on the Joule-Brayton based Pumped Thermal Electricity StorageWang, L; Lin, X; Chai, L; Peng, L; Yu, D; Liu, J; Chen, H
26-May-2019Towards directly formable thin gauge AZ31 Mg alloy sheet production by melt conditioned twin roll castingYang, X; Patel, J; Huang, Y; Mendis, C; Fan, Z
30-Mar-2018Trade-off on fuel economy, knock, and combustion stability for a stratified flame-ignited gasoline engineSong, K; Wang, X; Xie, H
4-Aug-2018Variation improvement of mechanical properties of Mg-9Al-1Zn alloy with melt conditioned high pressure die castingZhang, Y; Patel, JB; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
10-Jul-2018Investigation of a new feature for angular defect quantification by eddy current pulsed thermographyZhu, J; Tian, G; Duan, W
31-Dec-2016Applications and Engineering Analysis of Lotus Roots under External Water PressureZhu, Y; Wang, CJ; Mynors, D
2017A Mini Review of the Techno-environmental Sustainability of Biological Processes for the Treatment of High Organic Content Industrial Wastewater StreamsMassara, TM; Komesli, OT; Sozudogru, O; Komesli, S; Katsou, E
28-Mar-2018A framework for identifying and selecting long term adaptation policy directions for deltasSuckall, N; Tompkins, EL; Nicholls, RJ; Kebede, AS; Lázár, AN; Hutton, C; Vincent, K; Allan, A; Chapman, A; Rahman, R; Ghosh, T; Mensah, A