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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2018Products’ composition of food waste low-temperature slow pyrolysisCzajczyńska, D; Ahmad, D; Krzyżyńska, R; Jouhara, H; Rutkowski, P
13-Jun-2018Activated carbons from oil palm shell for hydrogen storageZhao, W; Luo, L; Chen, T; Li, Z; Zhang, Z; Fan, M
16-May-2019Energy Efficient and Reliable Transport of Data in Cloud based IoTAl-Kadhim and Hamed, H; Al-Raweshidy, H
2016Key performance indicators for successful simulation projectsJahangirian, M; Taylor, SJE; Young, T; Robinson, S
2018Cool Roofs: High Tech Low Cost solution for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in low rise low income houses in high solar radiation countriesKolokotroni, M; Shittu, E; Santos, T; Ramowski, L; Mollard, A; Rowe, K; Wilson, E; de Brito Filho, J; Novieto, D
15-May-2016The Sarkisov program for Mori fibred Calabi-Yau pairsCorti, A; Kaloghiros, A-S
2019Modelling of Organic thin film transistors incorporating liquid crystalline metal phthalocyaninesTsegie, Faris
2019Deep learning driven data analytics for smart gridsHan, Fujia
2016A Bayesian Belief Network to assess rate of changes in coral reef ecosystemsFranco, C; Hepburn, LA; Smith, DJ; Nimrod, S; Tucker, A
2016Extending the UTAUT model to understand the customers’ acceptance and use of internet banking in LebanonTarhini, A; El-Masri, M; Ali, M; Serrano, A