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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A study of logistic classifier: uniform consistency in finite-dimensional linear spacesKazakeviciute, A; Olivo, M
22-Nov-2018Three-dimensional Analytical Model for the Anchor Pull-out Response of Anchor-Mortar-Concrete Anchorage System due to Interfacial Bond FailureWang, Y; Wu, Z; Zheng, J; Zhou, X
20-May-2019An Annotation Model on End-to-End Chest Radiology ReportsHuang, X; Fang, Y; Lu, M; Yao, Y; Li, M
18-Jun-2017The effect of strain rate on the tensile behaviour of high strength steelAlabi, AA; Moore, PL; Wrobel, LC; He, W; Tinkler, M
2-Oct-2017A novel FPGA-based track reconstruction approach for the level-1 trigger of the CMS experiment at CERNAggleton, R; Ardila-Perez, L; Ball, FA; Balzer, MN; Brooke, J; Calligaris, L; Caselle, M; Cieri, D; Clement, EJ; Hall, G; Harder, K; Hobson, PR; Iles, GM; James, T; Manolopoulos, K; Matsushita, T; Morton, AD; Newbold, D; Paramesvaran, S; Pesaresi, M; Reid, ID; Rose, AW; Sander, O; Schuh, T; Shepherd-Themistocleous, C; Shtipliyski, A; Summers, SP; Tapper, A; Tomalin, I; Uchida, K; Vichoudis, P; Weber, M
17-Jun-2019Optimization of ultrasonic cavitation processing in the liquid melt flowSubroto, T; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I; Lebon, B; Miranda, A; Pericleous, K
17-Jun-2019Microstructure evolution in an Al-Si piston alloy under ultrasonic melt processingChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Limmaneevichitr, C
14-Jun-2019ON ENTROPY FLUX OF ANISOTROPIC ELASTIC BODIESJaric, J; Vignjevic, R; Kuzmanovic, D
Apr-2017A scenario framework to explore migration and adaptation in deltas: A multi-scale and participatory approachKebede, A; Nicholls, RJ; Allan, A; Arto, I; Cazcarro, I; Fernandez, JA; Hill, CT; Hutton, CW; Kay, S; Lawn, J; Lazar, AN; Macadam, I; Palmer, M; Whitehead, PW
2016The impact of big data on M&S: Do we need to get "big"?Taylor, SJE