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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2018Investigation of a new feature for angular defect quantification by eddy current pulsed thermographyZhu, J; Tian, G; Duan, W
31-Dec-2016Applications and Engineering Analysis of Lotus Roots under External Water PressureZhu, Y; Wang, CJ; Mynors, D
2017A Mini Review of the Techno-environmental Sustainability of Biological Processes for the Treatment of High Organic Content Industrial Wastewater StreamsMassara, TM; Komesli, OT; Sozudogru, O; Komesli, S; Katsou, E
28-Mar-2018A framework for identifying and selecting long term adaptation policy directions for deltasSuckall, N; Tompkins, EL; Nicholls, RJ; Kebede, AS; Lázár, AN; Hutton, C; Vincent, K; Allan, A; Chapman, A; Rahman, R; Ghosh, T; Mensah, A
25-Oct-2017Arrhythmia Evaluation in Wearable ECG DevicesSadrawi, M; Lin, C-H; Lin, Y-T; Hsieh, Y; Kuo, C-C; Chien, J; Haraikawa, K; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2019Characterization of fatigue damage types in fibre reinforced composites utilizing pattern recognition techniques applied to acoustic emission signalsTang, Jialin
27-Jun-2017Sonic metamaterials: Reflection on the role of topology on dispersion surface morphologyGorshkov, VN; Navadeh, N; Sareh, P; Tereshchuk, VV; Fallah, AS
4-Nov-2016Computational investigation into the influence of yaw on the aerodynamics of an isolated wheel in free airKothalawala, TD; Gatto, A
26-Feb-2019Potentials and transmission problems in weighted Sobolev spaces for anisotropic Stokes and Navier-Stokes systems with $L_{\infty}$ strongly elliptic coefficient tensorKohr, M; Mikhailov, SE; Wendland, WL
18-Apr-2019Effect of SiC nanoparticles on the microstructure and texture of friction stir welded AA2024/AA6061Moradi, MM; Jamshidi Aval, H; Jamaati, R; Amirkhanlou, S; Ji, S