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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Forex trend forecasting based on long short term memory and its variations with hybrid activation functionsZhou, Tianyu
2020Design of Smart Energy Generation and Demand Response System in Saudi ArabiaAljahdali, Fahad
3-Feb-2021Coarse Return Prediction in a Cement Industry’s Closed Grinding Circuit System through a Fully Connected Deep Neural Network (FCDNN) ModelDanishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Souza, F; Sousa, P; Mousavi, A
7-May-2020TAPESTRY: A De-centralized Service for Trusted Interaction OnlineYang, Y; Cooper, D; Collomosse, J; Dr˘agan, CC; Manulis, M; Briggs, J; Steane, J; Manohar, A; Moncur, W; Jones, H
18-May-2021Apropos of Signal ProcessingNandi, AK
27-Jun-2021Semantic 3D Scene Classification Based on Holoscopic 3D Camera for Autonomous VehiclesCao, C; Swash, M; Meng, H
5-Oct-2021Artificial intelligence in the construction industry: A review of present status, opportunities and future challengesAbioye, SO; Oyedele, LO; Akanbi, L; Ajayi, A; Davila Delgado, JM; Bilal, M; Akinade, OO; Ahmed, A
1-Sep-2020Artificial intelligence-assisted loop mediated isothermal amplification (AI-LAMP) for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2Rohaim, MA; Clayton, E; Sahin, I; Vilela, J; Khalifa, ME; Al-Natour, MQ; Bayoumi, M; Poirier, AC; Branavan, M; Tharmakulasingam, M; Chaudhry, NS; Sodi, R; Brown, A; Burkhart, P; Hacking, W; Botham, J; Boyce, J; Wilkinson, H; Williams, C; Whittingham-Dowd, J; Shaw, E; Hodges, M; Butler, L; Bates, MD; Ragione, RL; Balachandran, W; Fernando, A; Munir, M
31-Jul-2021Optimal allocation and operation of droop controlled islanded microgrids: a reviewZobaa, AF; Kreishan, MZ
26-Aug-2021An Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Portable Low-Cost Device for the Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2Tharmakulasingam, M; Chaudhry, NS; Fernando, A; Branavan, M; Balachandran, W; Poirier, AC; Rohaim, MA; Munir, M; La Ragione, RM