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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Lightweight V-Net for Liver SegmentationLei, Tao; Zhou, Wenzheng; Zhang, Yuxiao; Wang, Risheng; Meng, Hongying; Nandi, Asoke K.
5-Jan-2021Deep Learning based Segmentation for Multi MR Imaging Protocols using Transfer Learning for PET Attenuation Correction.Mecheter, I; Amira, A; Abbod, M; Zaidi, H
3-Feb-2021Coarse Return Prediction in a Cement Industry’s Closed Grinding Circuit System through a Fully Connected Deep Neural Network (FCDNN) ModelDanishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Souza, F; Sousa, P; Mousavi, A
26-Mar-2021A Deep Learning based Hybrid Method for Hourly Solar Radiation ForecastingLai, CS; Zhong, C; Pan, K; Ng, WWY; Lai, LL
21-May-2021Applying deep learning to defect detection in printed circuit boards via a newest model of you-only-look-onceAdibhatla, VA; Chih, H-C; Hsu, C-C; Cheng, J; Abbod, MF; Shieh, J-S
24-Mar-2021Smart IoT Network Based Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network with Element-Wise Prediction SystemAl-Jamali, NAS; Al-Raweshidy, HS
13-May-2021Lightweight Non-Local Network for Image Super-ResolutionWang, R; Lei, T; Zhou, W; Wang, Q; Meng, H; Nandi, AK
9-Jun-2021Fast Binary Embedding of Deep Learning Image Features Using Golay-Hadamard MatricesAmmatmanee, C; Gan, L; Liu, H
27-Jun-2021Semantic 3D Scene Classification Based on Holoscopic 3D Camera for Autonomous VehiclesCao, C; Swash, M; Meng, H
20-Dec-2021Residual Convolution LSTM Network for Machines Remaining Useful Life Prediction and Uncertainty QuantificationLei, Y; Wang, W; Yan, T; Li, N; Nandi, A