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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Method validation of an ultrasound (US) approach to assess velocity profile as a marker of atherosclerotic burdenCavazzuti, M; Ramachandran, S; Koenig, C; Atherton, M; Halliday, I; Schenkel, T; Shipman, K; Strange, R
2018Non-invasive Assessment of the Common Carotid Artery Hemodynamics with Increasing Exercise Workrate Using Wave Intensity AnalysisPomella, N; Wilhelm, EN; Kolyva, C; González-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Khir, AW
2017Electrochemical micro-machining: Review of factors affecting the process applicability in micro-manufacturingLeese, R; Ivanov, A
2015Bioinspired Psi Intelligent Control for autonomous dynamic systemsKhoshnoud, F; de Silva, CW; Esat, II
2015The need for a marker predicting benefit following cardiovascular disease risk reduction treatmentKonig, CS; Atherton, M; Rogers, N; Gomm, C; Bailey, C; Strange, RC; Shipman, K; Haliday, I; Levya, F; Ramachandran, S
2019A Fuzzy Inference System Based Asphalt Surface Deterioration Prediction Model Due to Combined Interaction of Dynamic Loading-Water-PavementSaeed, FM; Rahman, MM; Mahmood, MS; Collins, P
2019Scaling of Lift Coefficient of an Airfoil with Leading Edge SerrationsStalnov, O; Chong, TP
30-Mar-2018Nutrient characterisation and bioenergy potential of common Nigerian food wastesLongjan, GG; Dehouche, Z
23-May-2019Cross Sectional Examination of a Fouled Tube Removed from a Crude Oil Preheat ExchangerColetti, F; Behranvand, E; Mozdianfard, MR; Diaz-Bejarano, E; Orzlowski, P; Macchietto, S
6-Jun-2018The formation mechanism of Al<inf>6</inf>(Fe, Mn) in die-cast Al-Mg alloysZhu, X; Blake, P; Ji, S