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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Nov-2016Insight into the partial solutionisation of a high pressure die-cast Al-Mg-Zn-Si alloy for mechanical property enhancementYang, W; Liu, L; Zhang, J; Ji, S
2016Elevated temperature material properties of stainless steel reinforcing barGardner, L; Bu, Y; Francis, P; Baddoo, NR; Cashell, KA; McCann, F
31-Oct-2017Organic and inorganic fouling in heat exchangers – Industrial case study: Analysis of fouling stateDiaz-Bejarano, E; Behranvand, E; Coletti, F; Mozdianfard, MR; Macchietto, S
3-Jun-2019Performance, regulated and unregulated exhaust emission of a stationary compression ignition engine fueled by water-ULSD emulsionDhahad, HA; Chaichan, MT; Megaritis, T
22-Sep-2017Ultrasound assisted casting of an AM60 based metal matrix nanocomposite, its properties, and recyclabilityDieringa, H; Katsarou, L; Buzolin, R; Szakács, G; Horstmann, M; Wolff, M; Mendis, C; Vorozhtsov, S; StJohn, D
28-Jan-2018Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of thin strip twin roll cast (TRC) Mg sheetYang, X; Mendis, CL; Patel, JB; Fan, Z
3-Apr-2018Exploring the NOx Reduction Potential of Miller Cycle and EGR on a HD Diesel Engine Operating at Full LoadGuan, W; Pedrozo, V; Zhao, H; Ban, Z; Lin, T
16-Jul-2019Optical study of gasoline substitution ratio and diesel injection strategy effects on dual-fuel combustionMirmohammadsadeghi, M; Zhao, H; Ito, A
7-Feb-2018Exploring alternative combustion control strategies for low-load exhaust gas temperature management of a heavy-duty diesel engineGuan, W; Zhao, H; Ban, Z; Lin, T
17-Jul-2019Electron Beam Induced Synthesis of Ru-rGO and its Super Capacitive BehaviorSaykar, N; Phatangare, A; Banerjee, I; Bhoraskar, V; Ray, A; Mahapatra, S