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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2016Decentralised schemes for integrated management of wastewater and domestic organic waste: the case of a small community.Lijó, L; Malamis, S; González-García, S; Moreira, MT; Fatone, F; Katsou, E
2014Pavement Raveling Detection and Measurement from Synchronized Intensity and Range ImagesMathavan, S; Rahman, MM; Stonecliffe-Jones, M; Kamal, K
22-Nov-2017Use of a hardware token for Grid authentication by the MICE data distribution frameworkNebrensky, JJ; Martyniak, J
2016Trimming Simulation of Forming Metal Sheets IsoGeometric Models by Using NURBS SurfacesAdan, DH; Cardoso, RP; Adetoro
Sep-2017Desorption characteristics of H<inf>2</inf>O and CO<inf>2</inf> from alumina F200 under different feed/purge pressure ratios and regeneration temperaturesShi, YF; Liu, XJ; Guo, Y; Kalbassi, MA; Liu, YS
May-2018On the influence of solution and ageing treatments on the microstructure of ZK40 alloys modified with Ca, Gd, Nd and y additionsBuzolin, RH; Mendis, CL; Tolnai, D; Kainer, KU; Hort, N; Pereira Da Silva, E; Cavalcanti Pinto, H
2019Analysis of concrete beams reinforced with stainless steelRabi, M; Cashell, KA; Shamass, R
2018Experimental evaluation of the shear behavior of fiber-reinforced calcareous sandsWei, H; Zhao, T; Meng, Q; Wang, X; He, J
23-Jun-2019Optoelectronic Sensor-based Shape Sensing Approach for Flexible ManipulatorsNoh, Y
2017Design and Development of Continuous Melt-Conditioned Twin Roll Casting Process for Aluminium AlloysAl-Helal, K; Thomas, PM; Fan, Z