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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of Geometry on the Performance of Co2 Gas Cooler/Condenser and its associatedGe; Tassou; Tsamos, K; Santosa
9-Sep-2016Strain Rate Dependant Material Model for Orthotropic MetalsVignjevic, R
17-Feb-2019Semi-explicit solutions to the water-wave dispersion relation and their role in the non-linear Hamiltonian coupled-mode theoryPapathanasiou, T
2017Quantifying the influence of elliptical ring geometry on the degree of restraint in a ring testDong, W; Zhou, X; Wu, Z; Luo, H; Kastiukas, G
2017Large-eddy simulation of pilot-assisted pulverized-coal combustion in a weakly turbulent JetWan, K; Xia, J; Wang, Z; Pourkashanian, M; Cen, K
2018Mechanical Response of a Lined Pipe Under Dynamic ImpactObeid, O; Alfano, G; Bahai, H; Jouhara, H
2016Modelling and empirical development of an anti/de-icing approach for wind turbine blades through superposition of different types of vibrationHabibi, H; Edwards, G; Sannassy, C; Kappatos, V; Lage, Y; Stein, J; Selcuk, C; Gan, TH
28-Dec-2017Localization and damage induced softening using finite element and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic methodsDjordjevic, N; Vignjevic, R; De Vuyst, T; Gemkow, S; Campbell, J; Hughes, K
2017Performance-based analysis of large steel truss roof structure in fireLu, L; Yuan, G; Huang, Z; Shu, Q; Li, Q
2017Particle-induced morphological modification of Al alloy equiaxed dendrites revealed by sub-second in situ microtomographyDaudin, R; Terzi, S; Lhuissier, P; Tamayo, J; Scheel, M; Nadendla, H; Eskin, D; Salvo, L