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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2017A study of frequency band structure in two-dimensional homogeneous anisotropic phononic K 3 -metamaterialsGorshkov, VN; Navadeh, N; Fallah, AS
2016A Study of the Ballistic Limit of AA2024-T351 Sheets Impacted by Spherical and Cubical Compact ProjectilesDe Vuyst, T; Vignjevic, R; Azorin Albero, A; Hughes, K; Campbell, JC; Djordjevic, N
2015Studies on the Infrared Emitting ZnCdS: Cu, In, Cl Phosphors-Phosphors for Marking, Coding, and IdentificationSilver, J; Marsh, P; Fern, G
12-Dec-2019Effective engine technologies for optimum efficiency and emission control of the heavy-duty diesel engineBan, Z; Guan, W; Wang, X; Zhao, H; Lin, T; Zheng, Z
4-Jun-2019Synergistic effects of WC nanoparticles and MC nanoprecipitates on the mechanical and tribological properties of Fe<inf>40</inf>Mn<inf>40</inf>Cr<inf>10</inf>Co<inf>10</inf> medium-entropy alloyWang, J; Yang, H; Liu, Z; Li, R; Ruan, J; Ji, S
18-Oct-2019Influencia de la vegetación en el microclima urbano: Estudio con UWG para la Ciudad de Rosario (Argentina).Pizzorno Lerma, CG; Paterno, D; Garcia, MA; Pliner, A; Rivosecchi, M; Dominguez, ML; Ruiz, SM; Vega, M; Salvati, A
20-Dec-2019Effects of Ni on the microstructure, hot tear and mechanical properties of Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloys under as-cast conditionLiu, F; Zhu, X; Ji, S
30-May-2019A novel and smart interactive feature recognition system for rotational parts using a STEP fileAl-wswasi, M; Ivanov, A
Jul-2017Development of integrated approaches for hydrological data assimilation through combination of ensemble Kalman filter and particle filter methodsFan, YR; Huang, GH; Baetz, BW; Li, YP; Huang, K; Chen, X; Gao, M
4-Jan-2020Built form, urban climate and building energy modelling: case-studies in Rome and AntofagastaSalvati, A; Palme, M; Chiesa, G; Kolokotroni, M